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We will not forgive!


23.05.2015 The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is cracked: in the country there were only debts

We, CyberBerkut, today have cracked a computer network of Department of an external debt of the Ministry of Finance and as it was found out, knowingly. The materials extracted by us with all evidence show last significant event in an economic life of our country is the Ukrainian default. Thanks to the documents received by us everyone can see, the Junta has finished the country to what condition. Today the state financial system became the bankrupt, behind it the commercial enterprises and ordinary citizens of the country will go bankrupt.

Here all picture of the Ukrainian default:

Materials of Department of an external debt of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

The Junta which has illegally seized power in the country, for a year has led to its financial and economic crash, has made beggars the most part of citizens of Ukraine. And for it the gang of oligarchs led by P.Poroshenko and A.Yacenyuk answers!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!

30.04.2015 Security Service of Ukraine authorised liquidation of Oles Buzina

We, CyberBerkut, spread the materials confirming in open access that physical liquidation public and the politicians who are in opposition to the Kiev Junta - has been authorised by Security service of Ukraine, supervised by the Kharkov political elite, and group «cleaners of Free Ukraine» territorially belongs to the Kharkov nationalist groupings.

About weeks ago, by realisation of the information extracted operative by, we had been got access to a secret mail box of the time assistant to the head of the Kharkov regional state administration of V.J.Abbakumova. From a mail box we had been received V.J.Abbakumova's office documents, and also correspondence of the aforementioned person with the unstated leader of one of neonationalist groupings of Kharkiv has been fixed. The given correspondence let and indirectly, however confirms that fact, that liquidation of oppositional forces in Ukraine was supervised by representatives of the government. Pictures of the most important part of correspondence, and a part of the documents received from a mail box:

The original and correspondence text translation

Owing to that the scheme of realisation of the plan on opposition elimination was looked through not completely, because of the information received not in full, - we did not publish the given materials till now. However yesterday, 29.04.2015, have been received by us the order of the Head of Department of protection of national statehood of Security service of Ukraine major general A.J.Dublik in whom it is directly spoken about necessity of management and monitoring of certificates of physical influence on oppositional forces of Ukraine. More low, we result the given document:

Order text translation on Russian

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!

15.04.2015 Photos of the Western Military Inspectors in Ukraine

We, CyberBerkut, remind all World that war in Ukraine, no less than the Maidan 2013 - 2014, are entirely organised and gurus of "colour revolutions" are co-ordinated by the Western Military experts, and. For all "faithless" and "gone blind", confirming to all told by us earlier - We, CyberBerkut, publish photos of the Western Military Inspectors in Ukraine:

We warn - the Western world and does not think of the world and cease-fire in territory of Ukraine. The West searches only for one - continuations of war, continuation of escalation, continuation of murder of Slavs as Russian speaking, and speaking on any other languages.

Besides, We wish to pay attention of the public to presence of the Georgian Military instructors in Ukraine which since summer of 2014 actively help Armed to exterminate Forces of the Kiev Junta the population Of our Country. Our, multinational and distressful Ukraine. More detailed, about it fighters for freedom Slobozhanschina - the Kharkov Partizans already told, - We only once again result the public the photos presented by them:

Photos of the Georgian Military instructors in Ukraine

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!

13.04.2015 The Western Military Inspectors all in considerable quantities arrive to Ukraine

We, CyberBerkut, warn the population of Donbass, and also we inform the population of Ukraine: in the near future the criminal management of the occupied Ukraine plans carrying out of some provocations on border with Donetsk and Lugansk National Republics. Besides, in the near future the Kiev Junta plans continuation and escalating of escalation of the military conflict in the Southeast of Ukraine - informs our secret-service device from Kiev. So, in time from April, 12th till May, 06th, 2015, to Ukraine arrives and the group of the Western military Inspectors will conduct the antinational activity. Among them military men of the inspector of the USA, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Turkey, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, France, Denmark, Austria Spain, Albania, Portugal, Croatia, Iceland, Germany, Iceland and Slovakia. By itself, that the greatest number of inspectors (which goes besides the separate list) have directed the USA. Confirming to told, confirming to that the West and further plans «to distribute councils» how the Ukrainian Junta better and more effectively to kill the peace population of Donbass, we result a number of documents:

We warn - the Western world and does not think of the world and cease-fire in territory of Ukraine. The West searches only for one - continuations of war, continuation of escalation, continuation of murder of Slavs as Russian speaking, and speaking on any other languages.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!

11.04.2015 The list of staff of a battalion «Krivbas»

We, CyberBerkut, have received the list of a battalion "Krivbass" in the order. All data about the given battalion are in a file in a format «Excel».

The list of staff of a battalion "Krivbass" contains lists "Staff", "Have left", "Non staff", the "Replacements" "Killed", «Killed the last», "Captivity" and "Hospital". The given list we give you for acquaintance and use against military criminals from the given battalion.

The list of staff of a battalion «Krivbas»

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!

06.04.2015 The list of staff of a battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine «Tornado»

We, CyberBerkut, keeping of the promise to take in hand struggle against fighting divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine «with nonconventional sexual orientation», have received the list of a battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Tornado" in the order. All data about the given battalion are in a file in a format «PDF».

The commander of a special battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (consisting of persons with nonconventional sexual orientation) "Tornado" Ruslan - Daniel - Abalmaz - Onischenko - Freedom - Freeman. The bright representative of New Ukrainian Elite.

We, CyberBerkut, natives of walls of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, stood on "Maidan" 2013-2014, shed blood for the sake of and for the good of fatherland. We, CyberBerkut, are deeply revolted at all by presence of fighting divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine consisting of persons «with nonconventional sexual orientation», and revolted first of all by behaviour of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine «with traditional sexual orientations»! You have gone blind? You also will shut eyes further to murders of peace inhabitants, our people, already both HOMOSEXUALS And ORDINARY COCKS?! You also will look further what is created in the state territory to which people you promised protection? You also will be silent, shiver and keep further a teeth for the posts provided with only beggarly salaries?..

We address to all militiamen and other employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: time you so easy carry the same form, as fascists, and also «fighting sweetyboys» from battalions of National Guards and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - means also honour of your form, honour of your uniforms and your officer honour - it is not necessary anything!

The list of staff of a battalion «Tornado»
Photos of staff of a battalion
Photos of divisions of a battalion
(18+) The compromising evidence on Ruslan Onischenko
(18+) Video with comments
(18+) Audio a battalion hymn

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!!

20.03.2015     Ukrainian Journalist: We Killed 10 Citizens Accidentally

We, CyberBerkut, keep publishing gained documents from the computer network of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine (MIPU).

We published recently materials showing the true face of the Kiev regime not only wearing the Nazi uniform but also adopting far right nationalist ideology.

Today we publish correspondence of the famous Ukrainian journalist, human rights activist, co-founder of the "Hromadske TV" company Natalia Gumenyuk and Ukrainian people’s deputy Irina Lutsenko (wife of the Poroshenko’s party leader Yuri Lutsenko).

We've found in these messages the same level of spite and hate to compatriots in the East like in the previously published documents of the MIPU and the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

Many recommendations of Natalia Gumenyuk constitute instructions sent by MIPU to internet users to wage war against Russia and Donbass. The madness level is above maximum.

Here are the Gumenyuk’s recommendations about the Donbass conflict situation settlement that she tries to pass to Poroshenko by Irina Lutsenko:

Full text you can find by this link. We publish the parts of it:

At the same time, things that Natalia Gumenyuk writes to Lutsenko differ from her speeches and articles.

Here’s N.Gumenyuk’s quote in an interview for Andrew Portnov: "I think that Donbass differs from the rest Ukraine the same as the Kharkov region differs from the Khmelnitsk one and so on.. If we talk about mentality, I suppose it is overstated. Yes, there are many people in Donbass who dream about the USSR but they also exist in Kiev and Chernovtsy".

Here’s another one delirium from "proposals to Poroshenko":

Another quote of N.Gumenyuk from the same interview: "Taking into account the low percent of voting European citizens Ukraine reminds that policy makes matter as well as the voice of each citizen… My Ukraine is a country where supremacy of law really exists, and human rights observance always dominates among values".

However, the activist asks the president the opposite. She needs the dictatorship:

In pro-European N.Gumenyuk’s opinion, invalids (blind, sick, idiots) and prisoners should be deprived the right to vote.

The journalist sputtering by anti-humanity ideas is unstoppable. Problems of Donbass ("the region of idiots"), populated by "biomass" give her no peace.

Biomass that cannot think itself:

N.Gumenyuk proposes concrete measures to "make fools idiots and biomass of Donbass" in the hope of Irina Lutsenko would pass these ideas to her husband. Pay attention to black propaganda suggested by Natalia Gumenyuk: to state to Donbass citizens on behalf of DNR "we killed 10 civilian residents accidentally but we suppose their families will forgive us…". But she can’t stop, one mad idea changes another:

And these are the ideas of subversive actions directly in Russia: "Say loudly in public transport that Putin wants to use nuclear weapons for Novorossia sake"…

N. Gumenyuk is sure for some reason that "Ukrainian IT-specialists are the smartest ones" and that is why they have to "send idiotic spam on behalf of DNR". The example of such spam is proposed: "Yes, we are not able to feed so many people, that's why we kill some part of them, sorry".

Everything N. Gumenyuk proposes she calls "the method of U-turn of Donbass people brains"

Journalist Gumenyuk is sure that there are two ways to end the war: "to kill Putin" (she even knows the best time for this action – during his trip to Minsk) or to yield Russia "the Donbass idiots".

N. Gumenyuk agrees in this letter that innocent people would suffer if Putin was killed but it would be "in the name of peace"!

What does Irina Lutsenko think concerning this delirium? Let us remind that she is not only a politician and a people’s deputy but also the spouse of ex-minister of interior affairs, now leader of presidential group in Rada and the trusted Poroshenko's ally Yuri Lutsenko.

Irina Lutsenko sincerely thanks "the humanist" N. Gumenyuk for "inflexible attitude"! She writes: "Your thoughts and ideas are absolutely right, a lot of people share them, so I'm going to promote them among as wide number of people as posible".

On February 23, 2015 Natalia Gumenyuk wrote a large text with the name «Why did we decide that some other people live in Donbass» for "The New Time" journal. Here is the quotation from it:

"We are hurt when we are called the fascists but very quickly we caught Russian propaganda that some specific people live in Donbass and all of them want to join Russia. All of us suffer from the lack of logic concerning the events in the East. We say that the residents of Donbass Region have chosen this scenario themselves and simultaneously we insist that they are the victims of propaganda. What's the truth: the first or the second?"

We, CyberBerkut, affirm that lie and duplicity, hate and anger, bigotry and arrogance, baseness and treachery became the leading factors of up-to-day Ukrainian policy and journalism. All it became normal for the current elites in Kiev. Evidences are enough. We've shown only the less part of them.

In the nearest future CyberBerkut will keep on disclosing the inner documents of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and e-mails of its staff.

The archives of massages you can download here:


We are CyberBerkut! We will not forgive! We will not forget!

19.03.2015         Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy consists of ordinary fascists.

We, CyberBerkut, continue publishing documents obtained from the computer network of the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy.

The documents that we have recently released contained the analysis of the situation in Mariupol prepared by Ukrainian social psychologist and writer Oleg Pokalchuk. This person is also famous for writing many articles about the Third Reich heraldry. He also appealed to the rehabilitation of the swastika.

The analysis of the Ministry documents that we have gained after CyberBerkut had defeated the "Information Forces of Ukraine" showed that the worship the Nazi symbols and ideas is an everyday occurrence among the Ukrainian heirs of Goebbels.

The Minister of Information Policy Yuri Stets wearing the Bandera uniform. It is interesting that this person was elected by the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to conquer "hearts and minds" of Donbass residents.

Of course you can call it a joke, staging or historical installation.

Here is another example of so called humor. The President’s counselor Oleg Medvedev says to Yuri Stec:

The documents we obtained say that the idolization of the Nazi ideology is not a humor of young members of the Ukrainian information forces. It is their ideology.

As an example we want to show you the letter sent by Irina Friz, the Chief of the Information Policy Department of the Presidential Administration, People’s deputy of the Poroshenko’s party, to her colleagues. Keep in mind that this lady is responsible for the information support of the current Ukrainian regime activities.

Attached analytical note called "The mentality features of the Donbass residents" shows how the junta thinks about their citizens living in the eastern part of the country. Hitler and Rosenberg certainly would like such a development of the "subhuman" theory.

The full document is available in the archive.We present the most interesting passages.

"The collective mentality of the Donbass residents varies essentially from the mentality of other inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine ...

The main characteristic of the mentality of the region residents is the existence of powerful paternalistic expectations, searches and shifting responsibility for their lives on the symbolic "father", dependence, reliance on outside help, the constant fear for their lives and their financial condition, respect for the "boss", "authority", a willingness to delegate the solutions of their own destiny to others, respect for the strength, tolerance of violence, the cult of authority ... ".

"Because of the small value of the miner's life, psychological habits of burns and wounds, low life expectancy, Donbass has a higher tolerance for violence, images of the wounded and the dead. The region even shows some kind of obsession with violence and death, as well as counter-violence and survival. Because of low complexity of production processes and the low average level of education, social backwardness, the only way to settle the productive relations in mines is moral violence of the administration in a descending line. Obscene language, humiliation and shouts are standard control methods...

High risk and the desire to survive within insufficient intelligence to understand all the risks and dangers in their lives have led to blind obedience of a miner to a boss. This obedience, originated in such community, spread to the household level, passed to social life. Uncertainty in mind leads to fear to make their own decisions, unwillingness to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions...".

"Criminal world is closely involved into the social structure of Donbass. The percentage of previously convicted population is high, and non-convicted persons can name some previously convicted persons from their circle of friends as a rule. Small production thefts, fraud of authorities, illegal business, drug traffics are not condemned by the most part of society, but rather are silently welcome ... ".

"The highest value for the population of Donbass is money. As the population of Donbass was formed with a small participation of intellectuals,spiritual and cultural values does not play any role in a life of Donbass people. Being oriented towards commodity production Donbass residents do not understand the value of non-material assets - such as knowledge, technology, particularly the humanities, and consider them as an attempt to cheat and to deceive them.. Intellectuals are not included in the regional elite groups, they are treated with contempt, salaries of such employees are very small, and the authority is zero. The only way to survive is to accumulate wealth. Demonstration of well-being is a measure of the social position…".

The document is completed by the following conclusions:

«1. Any public opinion in the Donbas is fragile. Those who support independence, one day, depending on circumstances or strength of a particular government, may consider themselves supporters of the Great Russia or Ukrainian nationalists the following day. The victory of any force cannot be called decisive.

2. The government must create in the Donbass region the image which will attract the local community: strong, unmotivated cruel, but fair which will take care of every citizen.

3. The most important things for every citizen in the Donbas are material security and protection of a life, overcoming dangers of starvation and death as well as money.

Based on the instability of values, lack of resistant moral values, we can conclude that for a long period of time Donbass will remain a favorable field for external manipulation. The stability depends on whose manipulation will be more efficient."

It does not make a sense commenting this pseudo analytical works. Everyone can make his own conclusions about this document and about purposes of its creation.

We, CyberBerkut, pay attention to the following. This text was sent by Irina Friz to Yuriy Stets, Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, authorized by the President of Ukraine on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Irina Gerashchenko and Director of the Poroshenko's television "Channel 5" Vladimir Mzhelskiy. These are the officials who determine the information policy of Ukraine in relation to the war in the Donbass. There are no comments or objections on their part, respondents did not express their own opinion. This fact shows their agreement with the document.

The authors of the analytic note are Sergey Morugin and Natalia Ishchenko. They are known as journalists and political engineers but not as scientists, psychologists or sociologists. They obviously worked out the order of the presidential administration and did what they were asked to do.

By the way now Morugin and Ishchenko under the auspices of the same Irina Gerashchenko travel around the world with the photo exhibition "Donbass: war and peace." Here Gerashchenko refers to Yuriy Stets for help in financing the project. She requests 3.5 thousand dollars a month.

This exhibition serves as "the truth about the Donbas." What is this "truth" - you might guess. The same variations on the theme of "subhuman miners with low intelligence, unsteady values, which appeals to the unmotivated violence of the authorities." After all, we recall, the exhibition curators and authors of the research flamed mentality of Donbass people are same persons.

By the way 3.5 thousand dollars can afford to organize shopping. Why is the People's Deputy Irina Gerashchenko worse miners with their desire for material independence?

In the nearest future CyberBerkut will continue to introduce the community the internal documents of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the correspondence of senior officials of Ukraine, politicians and journalists, who show the true attitude of Kiev new elites to the people of their country.

The archives of massages you can download here:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

6.03.2015         Mariupol "clean-up" operation and arrests of its residents are initiated by Ministry

of Information Policy of Ukraine.

We, CyberBerkut, continue to stay in computer networks of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. We begin to familiarize the public with the internal documents of the Ministry and its employee correspondence.

As we all know, not long time ago the Security Service of Ukraine together with Ukraine's punitive battalions have made total "clean-up" in Mariupol. According to local media, "they capture anyone who looks or says the wrong way. The snitches wander markets, go in taxis and eavesdrop on people's conversations".

For several days more than 100 people were arrested.

It’s naive to believe that this situation is at the initiative of Ukrainian troops. We, CyberBerkut, insist that the Ministry of Information Policy is the instigator of arbitrariness in the city.

It all began from the analysis of the information situation in Mariupol, which was obtained from Tatyana Popova.

The analysis which was rather the "whistle blow" was prepared by some social psychologist Oleg Pokalchuk, who reported that the city has no Ukrainian propaganda, the Greek community stands pro-Russian, the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate are subversive and so on…

After obtaining this information Tatyana Popova reacts resolutely. Soon she obtained the recommendations of the psychological operations specialist which she shared with her colleagues. She advised to "really consider" it..

Particularly, the document recommended making "Pilot Project of Military and Civil Administration" of Mariupol. We were particularly interested in these quotes:

"…Need to create a module of special operations forces in the whole range from tactical groups to the military and administrative groups (like 95th Regiment of US Special Operation Forces) and the PSYOP Battalion. …"

"…For this task need to create Mariupol network of informants in the guise of the sociological service. …

…Introduce social card of the resident of the city, under this pretext hold mass inspection of documents, factually roundup."

By a strange coincidence, on February 26 "The law on military and civil administrations" was signed by President Poroshenko. In a few days there were roundups and mass arrests in Mariupol. The city's "Pilot Project of Military and Civil Administration" has worked in full power.

And what Kiev and the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine can suggest to the Mariupol's people and to the South-East in general you can see from the letter from Tatyana Popova to her boss Yuri Stets.

They earnestly believe that the winning hearts and minds of Donbas residents is possible showing them "high quality cinema", including 105 series of the movie "Unknown Ukraine", "In September 1939" and "Remembering Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)" and broadcasting such blockbusters as "The Unconquered" about Roman Shukhevich, "Hetman Mazepa prayer" and "Starvation 33".

There's no need to comment this. Probably, Yuri Stets, Artem Bidenko and Tatyana Popova need to do something else but not forming information policy of multinational country of Ukraine.

In the nearest future CyberBerkut will continue to familiarize the public with the internal documents of the Ministry of Information Policy and its employee correspondence.

The archives of massages you can download here:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

5.03.2015     Massage for the Mass Media, our followers and supporters

We, Cyberberkut, announce that we have purposely performed scheduled arrangements and changed our domain names to increase cyber protection of our informational resources.

Now you can find us by the following links:


We ask our followers to make appropriate changes.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

5.03.2015     Ukraine's Information Troops are destroyed; recruit-bot Yuri Stets has been captured

Having known that the newly formed Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine has begun to form its own "Information Troops", we, CyberBerkut, expected to face worthy enemy who can challenge us. The first thing we did was the registration on the Information Troops server in order to get sophisticated brain-teasers and delicate information combinations.

In fact, the reality was so boring that we had no choice but hack the server, "capture" all naive internet users who wished to be Kiev bots and stop this disgrace. As it was expected, the bot "army" was led by Minister Yuri Stets.

First task of recruit Yuri Stets

The Information Troops headquarters suggested pelting recruit with its instructions. Only on February 26 poor Minister already received 4 letters.

Yuri Stets as all others, who joined the Internet Troops, was confused by these instructions. Emerging issues Yuri broadcasted to his deputies. A little discussion between Tatyana Popova and Artem Bidenko took place. Popova cursed and threatened with demarches.

(Galushko is a colonel, the head of the Department of Information Technology of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, "Crus-Crus" also known as Alexander Baraboshko, - is a well-known blogger and Adviser to the Minister Stets).

The next day the conversation was recovered. Tatyana Popova still threatened to quit the project.

It’s not the first discussion of Popova and Bidenko by the way. Here are the debates about "white" and "black" propaganda and how to conduct the project "Informational Troops" in general.

We, CyberBerkut, are fully agreed with the opinion of Deputy Minister of Information Policy Tatyana Popova who considers the Information Troops of Ukraine as "disgrace"!

Captured "Kiev trolls" including recruit Yuri Stets, actively cooperate and give testimony. That's why we, CyberBerkut, being inside of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine information networks announce about the beginning of a long-term project for the disclosure of internal documents of ministers and official correspondence of its employees – the followers of Joseph Goebbels. It will be very instructive!

The archives of massages you can download here:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

05.03.2015 Ukrainian «Skinheads» in large quantities perish in zone АТО

We, CyberBerkut, already warned citizens of Ukraine: tractor operators you or managers, military you or civil, peace you or are considerably adjusted - all of you a potential victim whom the Kiev gang of terrorists (so-called "Supreme Rada") not reflecting will throw on an altar of the bloody god of war at any moment, and without the slightest regret.

One year ago in the centre of Kiev "Maidan" jumped. "Skinheads" and «Banderas Neo-Nazis» were skeleton, soul and an internal core of "Maidans" "Ultras". How you think them the present power has thanked? Memorable avenues? Awards? Money? Or can great screen versions «War and the Maidan»?.

Strangely enough, but the Kiev Junta has really thanked, and thanks to this day all on what humps it has come to power. All "Ultras", "Skinheads" and «Banderas Neo-Nazis» - have very long time ago laid down, or lay down in the earth of Donbass and Ukraine in zone АТО. Their award - 2,5 metres of the Native Earth in using (at least for 100 years), and a monument with fallen asleep names the hero on it.

It is not necessary to guess: the truth or lie writes CyberBerkut. We have got access to the integrated information retrieval system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine «Armor», and specially for you have copied from it base "SKINHEAD". If you have time and desire - you with ease can check up, where and in what condition (live/missing in zone АТО) at present there is each individual brought in given base.

Base "Skinhead" by CYBERCORPS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine «Armor»

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

03.03.2015 CyberBerkut marks anniversary of creation!

We, CyberBerkut, remind all of you that today, 03.03.2015 are executed exactly year since that moment as we have registered a site http://www.cyber-berkut.org/ and have started to conduct the vigorous activity against the external enemy who has intruded in our native house, and grasped by a military coup d'etat, the power in our country!

There has passed not easy year for all of us. For this time we had time to expose tens crimes of bloody Kiev Junta. For this time we were in time and is information, and physically to assist that part of the people of Ukraine which has not wished to obey to an aggressor, and to follow Junta to Europe on sacrifice. For this time we had time to lose friends and people close to us. But the most important thing is that we have managed to get hundreds new friends and national support of our activity!

Expensive our compatriots, thanks all of you for support and the help! We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

P.S. Sites http://www.cyber-berkut.net/ and http://www.cyber-berkut.com/ registered in later 03.03.2014, and are reserve.

27.02.2015                       USA tries to convince Paris to send weapons to Ukraine

these weapons will be used by the "volunteers" from Private Military Companies

We, CyberBerkut, have gained access to the files on the mobile device of the Green Group PMC official who recently visited Kiev as a member of American military delegation.
These documents prove that the USA doesn't refuse the idea of sending lethal weapons to Kiev, although Washington would be glad to draw support from their European allies. However, if the decision about weapons' supply will be made, in order to pre-engage their obstinate partners who are disquiet about the safety of their weapons, Washington suggests to entrust it to its' experienced specialists from Western private military companies, which "of course" will come to fight against Donbas "voluntarily".

The letter of the Green Group PMC Executive Director to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' Chief of Staff Muzhenko.

Here are some other documents confirming systematical visits of the Green Group representatives to Kiev

And here's a story about the Green Group Company

The list of the Green Group representatives who visited Ukraine

Other documents of the Green Group's official you can download here:
Documents of the Green Group's official
Documents of the Green Group's official (copy)
Documents of the Green Group's official (copy)

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

31.01.2015 CyberBerkut has blocked a site of the prime minister of Ukraine

Today we, CyberBerkut, repeatedly address to Arseny Jatsenjuk with the requirement immediately to stop terror of the people of Ukraine! On a pointer of the transatlantic owners this citizen has transformed there is no time the prospering country in a nursery of neo-nazism, gangsterism and corruption. Absolutely nonprofessional activity on a post of the prime minister it has finished economy of Ukraine to a disastrous condition, having plundered with the gang of helpers the state treasury and having cast the Ukrainian people in abyss of war, poverty, unemployment and despair.

Today we have blocked work of a site of the prime minister of Ukraine yatsenyuk.org.ua

We again persistently demand from mister Jatsenjuka to leave a post held by it, and then to relieve the country of ourselves.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

31.01.2015 CyberBerkut has opened criminal activity of the deputy of the Supreme Rada and

the leader of Praviy Sector (Right Sector) D.Jarosh

We, CyberBerkut, remind, that today has expired the term which has been released by us to the Kiev junta on the termination of murder of peace people on Donbass.

Once again we were convinced what to appeal to a voice of reason of these bad people for which lives of simple Ukrainians mean nothing, is useless.

We inform, that constantly being in an information field of Ukraine, have got access to computer networks of legal service of D.Jarosh and its personal computer. Today we spread the documents testifying to criminal activity of this leader of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, confirming numerous facts about illegal captures of the various enterprises and objects of the real estate, cynical captures at the Ukrainian citizens of private business and fulfilment of other economic crimes of D.Jarosh and its helpers. Thus all stolen money is deduced into offshore accounts and firms on Cyprus, registered on figureheads. Now all will be known, that by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis led by D.Jarosh, are an ordinary gang, and to the politician, since a Maidan, use for cover of criminal activity and enrichment at the expense of citizens of Ukraine.

Other documents is in archive:
archive 1
archive 2
archive 3

Having studied them, you can spend investigation and estimate scope of criminal activity of the head of the neo-Nazi organisation. Conclusions do.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

28.01.2015 CyberBerkut gained access to Ukrainian Military Attorney’s PC

In the Southeast the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defeated again. The adventurous attack of the Ukrainian forces in Donetsk was interrupted and totally wrecked by the militia. A huge group of the Ukrainian troops got into a trap near Debaltsevo. And it can be eliminated soon.

The price of "the Blitzkrieg" is heavy: during two last weeks the Armed Forces of Ukraine have lost 1100 soldiers, above 100 tanks. Dozens of soldiers and officers have been captured by the guardians of Donbass. Now these scary numbers are the greatest secrets of the Kiev junta. The leadership of the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Defense and the President Poroshenko spare no efforts to convince public opinion of Ukraine that “there are no casualties”, “enemy is defeated”, and “thousands of terrorists are eliminated”.

But the reality is different: the forces are demoralized and surrender, there are no reserves, mobilization makes no progress, and conscripts run away to Russia and to the West. The leadership of the so-called Antiterrorist Operation is in panic, it makes crazy orders, forms anti-retreat forces in a rear, send unskilled recruits to attack highly-trained militia’s defense. At the same time criminal commanders are first to run from the battlefield and prosecutors make for themselves certificates of warfare participants and get benefits for it. Moreover, the population of the nearby combat territories suffers from deserters and looters, maniacs and murderers wearing uniform of the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

The order of Lieutenant-General S.N. Popko, the first deputy head of the Antiterrorist center at the Ukrainian Security Council (the Commander of the ATO in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions).

The report of Ukraine's Deputy Prosecutor-General – Chief military prosecutor A. Matios about illegal traffic of arms and ammunition from the Antiterrorist Operation by Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The document is about homicide investigations of civilian people by Ukrainian army.

The list of military deserters.
The list of military deserters

The document unveils the action plan of the General Staff of Ukraine to stabilize moral and psychological condition of Ukrainian soldiers on the eve of the active phase of the Antiterrorist Operation.

The page of the secret document is about the date of the fourth wave of mobilization in Ukraine.

The list of military prosecutors of Ukraine who arrived in the area of ATO as combatants.

The telegram to the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine which contains facts of criminal infringements by Ukrainian soldiers.
Text of the telegram

We, CyberBerkut, continue the monitoring of other criminal organizations, which unleashed civil war in Ukraine. To be continued…

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

18.01.2015 CyberBerkut have access to classified documents Department of the security service

of Ukraine in Donetsk area

We, CyberBerkut, have access to classified documents Department of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk area. By technical penetration into the computers of employees of the Department of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region, CyberBerkut has at its disposal electronic documents, confirming that the terrorist attack and murder civilians near a checkpoint nearby, Volnovaha 13.01.2015, was planned and carried out by the Department of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region. This crime, as well as the use of resonance around him in order to discredit the leadership and volunteers of the Donetsk national Republic was carried out in the framework of the order of the First Deputy Head of the SBU – head of the Anti-Terrorist center of the security service of Ukraine Colonel-General Vasily Sergeyevich HRYTSAK. To control the execution of the above activities was entrusted to the head of the CSO «Alfa» SBU Colonel Gennady Ivanovich KUZNETSOV.

Below are the screenshots of the original documents from the computers of employees of the Department of the security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region (outgoing numbers, signatures and ciphers appear after printing):

The translated text of the letter in Russian Language
The translated text of the outgoing letter in Russian Language (Part 1)
The translated text of the outgoing letter in Russian Language (Part 2)
The translated text of the outgoing letter in Russian Language (Part 3)

In addition to the direct evidence presented above, we wish to emphasize the fact that in the case of the tragedy of the Boeing flight MN-17, and in the case of the tragedy of the bus near the checkpoint nearby, Volnovaha – response officials, and the President of Ukraine was a breeze. And this despite the fact that at the Donbass regularly kill civilians every day among the civilian population, increasing the number of cripples and invalids. However, in cases where another «tragedy» does not carry the «footprint» of the Security service of Ukraine (read: CIA) – we do not observe the reaction of any high-ranking officials of Ukraine or the President of peacemaker. In this case, Petro Poroshenko reacted instantly, reading, most likely written in advance text of his address, in which he blames the tragedy under, Volnovaha guide and militia DND, and announces its intention to conduct large-scale mobilization to continue fighting:

The original video on the Internet

To download archive with all files on this theme:
Screenshots and translation into Russian Language

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We do not forgive!

CyberBerkut has blocked German Chancellor and the Bundestag's websites.


The Ukrainian government wants to review national budget by the 15 of February, 2015. The Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk hopes to obtain multi-billion credits from the EU and the IMF. It is obvious how this money will be wasted. Yatsenyuk needs money to extend the war and not to restore collapsed infrastructure of our country.This war has already taken thousands of lives, and Yatsenyuk will kill more for your money!

That's why we appeal all people and government of Germany to stop financial and political support of criminal regime in Kiev, which unleashed a bloody civil war.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

30.12.2014 Westinghouse Electric Corporation use Ukraine as range for nuclear tests of


American corporation Westinghouse Electric Corporation since 2008 tries to place in operation components made on its branches for atomic engineering. First of all is nuclear power reactor fuel assemblies (NPRFA) for atomic power stations of Ukraine which are the rough copy NPRFA, made by ROSATOM. Under the information which is known the narrow public, NPRFA made Westinghouse Electric Corporation are made with a number of essential infringements: first - ROSATOM yet did not give the licence for manufacture of the patented six-corner NPRFA to anybody; secondly - because of infringement of the technological processes NPRFA, made Westinghouse Electric Corporation, have absolutely other factor of admissible deformation after loading in a reactor, in a consequence of that their extraction from a reactor becomes practically impossible. In this connection, both at president Yushchenko, and at president Janukovich, on a number of the Ukrainian atomic power stations already there were the various failures use NPRFA Westinghouse Electric Corporation was which reason expressly or by implication. Nevertheless, earlier about the given incidents by the authorities of Ukraine reports in IAEA that we have no possibility to observe at present at least went. And among other things - at present experts from IAEA are not supposed at all on objects of atomic engineering of Ukraine, not looking thus, including on sharp necessity of support of safety of all Europe.

We, CyberBerkut, have received a photo of the document confirming in the order that company Westinghouse Electric Corporation uses Ukraine as range for testing and operational development NPRFA, let out by the company mentioned above:

The original of the text of the letter in English

Proceeding from the letter text, but also - proceeding from scraps of the information from officials of Ukraine, it is possible to come to an unequivocal conclusion: company Westinghouse Electric Corporation conducts tests, operational development and works with copies of six-corners NPRFA, let out ROSATOM. But except patent right infringement, except concealment of similar works from IAEA, except continually occurring small failures on the Zaporozhye and South Ukrainian atomic power stations, the most important thing another is a real possibility of repetition of Chernobyl accident of 1986, owing to use of the Ukrainian atomic power stations as test range for the American experts.

We also wish to underline and that fact, that concern round the Zaporozhye atomic power station express as well inhabitants of the Ukraine. So, using search systems in a network the Internet, you with ease can find set of the publications devoted to activity of company Westinghouse Electric Corporation on the Ukrainian atomic power stations. By the way, we result video the reference of one of the Ukrainian nationalists:

The original and video primary source in a network the Internet

We, CyberBerkut, urge all World community to respond and react to possible radioactive accident in Ukraine which undoubtedly can mention lives of the population of Ukraine, Crimea, Krasnodar territory and the Rostov area, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Dnestr region, Czechia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and considering arrangement ZAPS on the river Dnepr - and Turkey. We, CyberBerkut, ask all thinking population of the listed countries, and also all other World to direct the petition in IAEA in which we ask to make demands to put objects of atomic engineering of Ukraine on the special control of the world community.

To download archive with all files on the given theme:

The Ukrainian and Russian mass-media about a situation on ZAPS:
«The second Chernobyl»: radiation leak on the largest atomic power station of Ukraine
Arseny Jatsenjuk: Failure on the Zaporozhye atomic power station

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

In Ukraine enacted a ban on freedom of speech

Without regard to international norms and ignoring one of the UN most important value – the freedom of speech, the anti-national government keeps on the enforcement of those who don’t agree with genocide of native population. Since the new rulers came the massacre of the journalists and the destruction of editors offices becomes customary. And after the creation of "the Ministry of Truth" it became almost legal. Besides, now the government threatens not only news media, but advocacy organizations!

Now, we have learned that the Security Service of Ukraine captured hard disks of Soldiers' Mothers of Ukraine Committee website (materi.com.ua). It stands to mention that such organization didn’t make a call for protestation, didn’t advance any political demands. As opposed to punishers from Security Service of Ukraine the Committee served to the people by giving to its' citizens reliable information about the casualties of war. Every Ukrainian mother has one simple desire – see their own children alive and healthy and not tainted with blood of innocent people!

We, CyberBerkut, will keep a close watch on the activity of the Truth Ministry; make known every event connected with infringement of free speech in our country. We are ready to protect from the Information Ministry and the Security Service of Ukraine punishers' attacks all persons, who try to bring the truth to the Ukrainian people.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.11.2014 CyberBerkut gained access to the documents of Joseph Biden’s delegation officials

We, CyberBerkut, have already warned against inadmissibility of the Washington's interference in internal affairs of our country. Moreover, we repeatedly claimed our rejection of Kiev authorities’ antinational policy which had put Ukraine in dependence from the USA.

During two-day visit of Joseph Biden to Kiev on November 20-21 we gained access to confidential files of the State Department that had been stored on American delegation member’s mobile device.

Today we are ready to acquaint Ukrainian citizens, the USA and the world community with the documents that uncover the real volume and direction of American aid to “settle” the Ukrainian crisis.

After examination of just a several files there is the impression that the Ukrainian army is the branch of US Armed Forces. The volume of US financial assistance amazes with its scale. They also show the highest level of degradation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Besides, thousands of dollars go on personal accounts of military personnel and used by certain officers in personal needs. What will the American taxpayers say?

Documents signed by Kiev and foreign authorities speak for themselves:

One of the most surprising documents. The Naval Command begs it's foreign masters to sponsor Ukrainian officers during military exercises headed by the Pentagon on the Ukraine territory. And what about national pride?
Besides, what's the point of transferring more than a half million UAH on a card account of LCDR Denis Stupak? It cannot be explained. Except for uncontrolled spending and enriching without paying taxes. Perhaps it would be very interesting for Ukrainian and American journalists to find this officer and ask him a couple of questions.

Here's another document concerning military exercises. This time the Army Academy Named After Hetman Petro Sagaydachnyi begs to recover exercise expenditure for meals and incidentals of its eleven officers and one civilian. They want up to 53,000 UAH.
And now attention! Why does the assignment allowance of Naval Forces officers come up to 1310 UAH per day, and assignment allowance of the Army Academy officers – 500 UAH per day? Are sailors hungrier? Or is it just blind cupidity?

This is one of the documents confirming that the Ukrainian army becomes a branch of US Armed Forces. The amount of expenses is amazing. What is much astonishing, almost one million dollars is assigned for opening "linguistic laboratories" and purchasing text-books for them. Undoubtedly, it is what Ukrainian Armed Forces need today. They all need English to understand Washington's orders more quickly.

This document contains signatures of Barak Obama and John Kerry. The USA will provide Ukrainian Armed Forces with counter-mortar radars. It is what Mr. Poroshenko proudly talked about. So it happened. Three radars worth a total of $400 000. It's a penny in comparison with what Ukrainian army will receive from Washington. From these documents it's not difficult to understand that US military assistance calculates in millions of dollars. And as we all know, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

The United States of America continue to assert that they are ready to provide Ukraine only with non-lethal commodities. But for some reasons members of Joseph Biden’s delegation have been given the document with the mark “for the Congress, final”. After reading of this document it’s getting clear that the junta is not going to comply with the Minsk agreements and observe the truce. They are ready to kill again!
400 sniper-rifles, 2000 assault-rifles, 720 hand-held grenade launchers, 200 mortars with more than 70 000 mines, 150 stingers, 420 antitank missiles and so on. That’s the plan of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the South-East by Petro Poroshenko.

For some reason, special attention is paid to Ukraine’s Naval Forces. On one hand it’s clear that there are no Naval Forces in Ukraine. On the other hand it points at aggressive plans of the USA and Kiev to prepare subversive operations not only in the South-East, but in Crimea. It’s hard to find another explanation. Otherwise, for what purpose does Ukraine need 150 combat divers?

Full text

These are folks of the State Department working and having fun. They are feeling great.

Archives with these and other documents are available for download by the links below:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

21.11.2014 For Joseph Biden's visit

The Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden arrived to the capital of "independent" Ukraine to remind the Ukrainian politicians about the commitments to their American masters. The Yankee arrived to arrange the ministers of the Government and elected MPs in appropriate order and to tell them what to do next.

Besides, much prominence is given to the contractual arrangements concerning the military equipment and arms supply, the advancement of the American energy corporations in our country, the submitting of the Ukrainian energy sector to the USA and the American nuclear fuel export enhancement.

We, CyberBerkut, oppose the US intervention into the Ukrainian internal affairs. That’s why we published the following picture on the governmental websites:

Joseph Biden - the Master of Nazis

The list of the hacked websites:
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

08.11.2014 Punishers' outrage evidence found on Ukrainian Prosecutor-General's PC

We, CyberBerkut, continue to make known to public junta accomplices' crimes against their fellow citizens.

Today we publish the Ukrainian Prosecutor-General's statement prepared for an interdepartmental conference which we found on the official's PC.

In his statement Vitaliy Yarema tries to reach out the punishers indicating the facts of multiple crimes committed by them:
"Military prosecutions opened 65 criminal cases on the facts of committed crimes which are related to arms or their exercise during only the period of September-October, 2014 (after of truce announcement) in the area of the anti-terror operation".

The Ukrainian Prosecutor-General makes examples of the cruel crimes against civilians committed by the voluntary subdivisions' fighters:
"The soldiers of the 24th regional defense battalion Bespaly S.F. and Khelemendrik S.L. at about 9 pm broke in a private house of Shevchenko I.V. in Peschanoe village. These soldiers, threatening with a gun, tied Shevchenko I.V., put a sack on his head and took him out at unknown direction. Moreover, they poured him by petrol, set him on fire and hit his left leg by a knife as well. As result of soldiers' wrongful acts, Shevchenko got burns on the body and bodily injuries of different severities".

The junta's representatives are surprised to know that mad "ATO heroes" are killing civil citizens instead of protecting them from mythical "terrorists":
"October 22, 2014, two soldiers of the B0095 troops body being in a state of alcoholic intoxication mocked and then killed two civilians".

According to Yarema's facts ATO participants first of all should be protected from themselves:
"October 18, 2014, 9 pm, a serviceman of the B2317 troops body being in a state of alcoholic intoxication opened fire by a rifle AK-74, 4 servicemen died and 1 got bullet wound as a result".

As the Prosecutor-General notices mentioned crimes are not singular.

Follow the link to become familiar with the full crimes' set mentioned by Yarema:
Yarema's statement

If even the Prosecutor-General talks about these crimes – what the real situation is?

It seems lawlessness attained such limits that even the own public prosecutor's office cannot conceal it. Retribution is inevitable and the Hague tribunal of military criminals is coming. The evidential base seems to be completed soon and CyberBerkut will apply every effort the organizers and accomplices of people's genocide to be brought the punishment for their crimes.

The criminals' list of the Yarema's statement

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.10.2014 Official Kiev representatives confirmed non-operated Electronic Vote System "Elections"

The Ukrainian Central Election Commission stated officially today that the Electronic Vote System "Elections" is down and sent a decree to media resources about postponement of the elections result due to manual count of votes.

According to the website of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine V.Yarema he declared the opening of investigation into an involvement in the electoral process.

25.10.2014 CyberBerkut suspended the operation of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission

Another stage of the political farce which is called Parliamentary elections 2014 is in full swing in Ukraine today. The Central Election Commission has been turned into illusive democracy tool by so-called "servants of the people" who divide power only between themselves. The people of Ukraine are the only source of power in the country and only the people have supreme legitimacy - not these riffraff who seized power by proxy.

We, CyberBerkut, declare that cyberspace of the Central Election Commission (CEC) is under our control. And today, at the campaign silence moment before the Verkhovnaya Rada elections, we have suspended the operation of the electronic vote counting system and the CEC website. We will keep our resistance against the Kiev junta until its anti-national regime falls.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

there is an alternative

24.10.2014 CyberBerkut hacked Kiev digital billboards

We, CyberBerkut, are going to use all possibilities to protect Ukrainian citizens' interests from lawlessness of marginal nationalists and oligarch leadership.

Today we used dozens of digital billboards in Kiev to remind the Ukrainian people about idleness of the upcoming farcical parliamentary elections:

Military Criminal
Are you ready to vote for military criminals?

We repeat one more time that nobody will change our life instead of us. If the people keep considering that the government is composed of the honest citizens of the country - Ukraine will plunge into chaos of the civil war. The USA and other Western countries gave power to people who are ready to sell our country to please their masters. And now they are going to put the same traitors into the Parliament. Today everybody should realize that the future of our country depends of his choice. And the sooner we get rid of the neo-Nazi government that only makes a profit from this war the sooner our country will live in peace and justice.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

24.10.2014 CyberBerkut announcement

Several mass media sources of Poland (ekonomia.rp.pl, interaktywnie.com, parkiet.com ) published articles connecting CyberBerkut with the cyber-attack on the Warsaw Stock Exchange website and the Catalyst bond market on October, 23. However other sources (wprost.pl , bankier.pl , tvn24bis.pl ) stated that it was unknown hackers supporting the Islamic State who took responsibility for the action. According to various editorships, they got e-mails explaining the attack's reasons.

We, CyberBerkut, declare that we have nothing to do with this action because we are preparing to the parliamentary elections in our country. We analyzed the facts mentioned by media. The hacker resource pastebin.com contains addresses of some pro-Islamic hackers as well as logins and passwords of stockbrokers. Following the links, we have found documents proving the hacking of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We, CyberBerkut, oppose any forms of terrorism and violence in our country and worldwide. That's the reason why we condemn terrorists' actions intimidating civilian population and intending to inflame war in Europe. We, living in the present Ukraine, know how terrible the war is and wish peace to every nation.

In this context we are ready to render to Polish experts our assistance (in case of their request) in this cyber-incident investigation to find people spreading terrorist threats and supporting the activity of the Islamic State as soon as possible.

11.10.2014 The Security Service of Ukraine prepares a provocation related to Boeing crash.

We, CyberBerkut, being on internal network of Ukraine's Ministry of Defence, have found the document which points at special relations between Boeing's crash investigation committee and Ukrainian soldiers. The document of Ukrainian army air defence leader colonel I.Zorin points that Ukrainian side secretly obtains commission materials. About 2 months ago Zorin, the main culprit of 300 passengers' death, has already obtained facts about guiltiness of his subordinates. It seems that he provides himself with a justification base, on "5 channel" Nalivaichenko tells that Boeing is shoot down by Russian "Buk" missile system. In materials we have uncovered there are photographs of the missile attack elements, founded in aircraft fragments on crash site.

We declare, that criminal junta prepares a large-scale provocation. While the committee works on another report, these cynical liars from the Ministry of Defence try to shift themselves of responsibility for committed crime, which killed 300 innocent passengers.

The documents of colonel I.Zorin you can watch here

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.09.2014 Kiev junta supplied by Germany with modern military equipment

We, CyberBerkut, have obtained private correspondence between the commander of National Guard of Ukraine general Stepan Poltorak and German company TELEFUNKEN RACOMS. It's about providing Ukraine with the military equipment – portable ground surveillance radars and hand-held thermal imaging cameras CORAL-CR and further cooperation in providing Ukraine with military equipment.

Germany recently denied its possible involvement in weapons supplies to Ukraine. But now we know the truth. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is not interested in peace in Ukraine and gives go-ahead to provide weapons and military equipment to the Kiev junta. Thus the Kiev junta intends to break the truce in the South-East of the country soon and supplies the National Guard with necessary equipment to fight its own people.

You can become familiar with the above-mentioned correspondence here.

14.09.2014 г. Hacking of personal data battalion commander «Shakhtar» Ruslan Onishchenko.

We, CyberBerkut, offer you the materials obtained by breaking and removal of personal data battalion commander, «Shachtarsk» Ruslan Ilich Onishchenko (Abalmaz).

The main purpose of the publication of these materials is the need to bring to each and every citizen of New Russia and Ukraine, the fact that the "heroes" and the commanders of the National Guard Fascist Ukraine are very "peculiar" personalities. Looking at these "heroes" any adequate human mind can come to only one thing: the country, on the protection of which the person screaming like - there is no future!

(18+) All files together
(18+) Original photos
Demotivators on this topic

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

30.08.2014 CyberBerkut has revealed plans to call up students for participation in counter-terrorism


At the Ukraine's Nation Security Council emergency meeting it was decided to resume conscription into the Ukraine's Armed Forces beginning from this Autumn.

It is confirmed by the documents we have gained after breaking the Ukraine's Ministry of Justice internal network. Among the captured computers, we have found the Presidential Decree project which is passing legal analysis. According to this document, the Armed Forces will call up students of higher education institutes, enrolled in full-time education.

Presidential Decree's full version

Mr. Koval promised that these recruits will not perform military service in the area of counter-terrorism operation, which generates doubts.

We ask the citizens of Ukraine to pay attention to this information.

The selection of materials derived from the computers of justice departments' employees you can download here.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

24.08.2014 CyberBerkut's Army has blocked telephones of Verkhovna Rada's deputies and

more than five hundreds of pro-government information resources.

Today we celebrate our country's Independence Day. And with what results has Ukraine come to this holiday at this year?

Puppet government headed by Poroshenko carry out all the instructions of Washington. This government induced a fratricidal war in our own country and put the economy on the brink of collapse. The heating season is ahead without energy resources. In Brussels, it is no longer a question of Ukraine's accession to the EU. Indeed, who needs a country with a civil war in it, and with the fascist's torch marches?

Our children will curse Euromaydan that led to the Civil War, led to total collapse of the economy and the destruction of the whole industry ... Euromaydan, which in fact deprived them their own future ...

Yes, Ukraine really needs independence. Independence from Washington, from villainous oligarchs who sell off the country, from mediocre security forces, who killed thousands of our soldiers during punitive operations in the South East, from fascist thugs, who discredits Ukraine in the international arena ...

Happy Independence Day, dear fellow citizens! Happy Holidays!

21.08.2014 Ukraine "handed" military equipment to militia forces once again

We, CyberBerkut, continue to monitor the Ukrainian Armed Forces's computer networks and provide the data we obtained to the public.

In order to protect our sources of information we have decided not to publish the documents obtained as a result of computer hacking of Ukrainian military officials, as we did before, and only disclose the facts from confidential correspondence.

Having access to classified information of Ukrainian security services, we see that the fratricidal war comes to an end. From the new documents we know that in the period from 8 to 15 August the Army of the Southeast captured: tanks T-64 - 18 units; infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 24 units; armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 11 units; combat reconnaissance patrol vehicles (BRDM) - 2 units; airborne combat vehicles (BMD) - 9 units; multiple artillery rocket systems (RSZO) BM27 "Uragan" - 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S4 "Tyulpan" - 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S9 "Nona" – 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 "Gvozdika" – 10 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 6 units; anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 3 units; wheeled vehicles - 44 units.

In total, from June 20 to August 15 during the punitive action, according to the reports of the Ukrainian military, the militia forces captured: tanks T-64 - 65 units; infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 69 units; armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 39 units; combat reconnaissance patrol vehicles (BRDM) - 2 units; airborne combat vehicles (BMD) - 9 units; multiple artillery rocket systems (RSZO) BM27 Uragan - 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S4 "Tyulpan" - 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S9 "Nona" – 6 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 "Gvozdika" – 25 units; howitzers D-30 – 10 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 32 units; anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 18 units; wheeled vehicles - 124 units.

Such extravagance of the Ukrainian armed forces is too costly for the country that imposed war tax on the citizens. How much more money pro-American government of Ukraine is ready to spend to destroy the civilian population and infrastructure in order to please the West?! All this is happening in time of continued economic recession, lack of money in the state budget and the upcoming heating season, which Ukraine will meet with no energy resources.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

14.08.2014 CyberBerkut calls the people of Poland to stop genocide of Donbas citizens!

Unfortunately, the government of Poland only extends assistance to the Kiev junta and so becomes an accomplice of war crimes committed in Ukraine every day.

Today Ukrainian Nazis attempt to repeat events of Volhynia, 1943, when Bandera's followers tortured more than 36 000 Poles brutally and most of them were women and children. We address to the common Poles who take care of their history: remember those days tragedy and help to prevent its recurrence.

We hope the government of Poland, which listens to Washington only, would hear its people's voice at last! People who oppose the war and Volhynia recurrence. Help to stop genocide of people in the South-East of Ukraine for the sake of the Volhynia victims' sacred memory.

Today we, CyberBerkut, while we address to the Polish people asking for help, have to block a number of the internet resources in Poland:

14.08.2014 Army of CyberBerkut blocked sites of the President of Poland and the Warsaw Stock


Four months passed since the Kiev junta keeps the genocide of the population in the South-East of the country. Moreover, the Republic of Poland is one of sponsors of fascism in Ukraine. Polish officials sacrifice not only their citizens' interests but their lives interfering in internal affairs of the other country.

Our western neighbor on orders from Washington renders political, diplomatic and military assistance to nationalists and oligarchs who destabilize and wreck Ukraine. At the same time, there is a private military company ASBS Othago which operates in the territory of Ukraine and belongs to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Bartolomiej Sienkiewicz. Blood of mothers, children and old people is on these people's hands! Sienkiewicz is a war criminal!

Today our CyberArmy attacks main political and financial internet resources of Poland – the sites of the President of Poland and the Warsaw Stock Exchange:


CyberBerkut demands on behalf of the Ukrainian people to withdraw polish mercenaries from the Ukrainian territory and to cancel blind aid to the fascist power of Ukraine immediately.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

10.08.2014 г. CyberBerkut opened correspondence of Svyatoslav Oliynik!

During the investigation of the tragedy crash Boeing 777 flight MH-17, We CyberBerkut hacked Facebook account helper of Kolomoiskiy - Svyatoslav Oliynik.

In correspondence Sviatoslav Oliynik and Yuri Bereza negotiated details crash Boeing. In addition, most of the correspondence indirectly, we can see that the Boeing 777 flight MH-17 was shot down with the participation of Ukrainian Armed Forces. If you want to know what Oliynik communicated with other "comrades" to defeat Ukraine's economy, as well as for the destruction of the peace of the people of Ukraine - the archive at your disposal:

File with screenshots of Facebook
Correspondence text Oliynik-Bereza
Correspondence text Oliynik-Geletey
Correspondence text Oliynik-Gricenko

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

09.08.2014 New punishers' losses data in the South-East.

We, CyberBerkut, continue opposing the fratricidal war in Ukraine and publish data about punishers' losses concealed by the Kiev junta.

We keep penetrating into information resources of the regional department of the military law and order service in Dnepropetrovsk. We noticed that colonel A.V. Petrushevsky who took the palce of colonel V.M. Pushenko didn't help the junta. "Defenders" of Ukraine demoralized totally. They don't understand the purpose of stay in the combat area; they are afraid for their lives and chance to be surrounded because their command could not save them. They keep dying, receiving a wound and escaping, leaving military vehicles and arms.

Here a fragment of daily documents prepared by the punisher for a public prosecutor's office.

Full version of documents with a list of people refused to fight against their own nation

We pay your attention to the fact of holding back the truth by journalists of our country from the Ukrainian people, thereby favoring the senseless massacre in Donbas. Today we publish facts concealed from Ukrainian mothers.

Full version of death toll lists

Losses in military vehicles keep increasing

Full version of documents about losses in military vehicles

Only in a period from July 21 to August 5 the punishers "gifted" to the voluntary military forces: tanks – 22 units; infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 26 units; armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 17 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S9 NONA – 4 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 Gvozdika (M1974 NATO index) – 4 units; multiple rocket launchers (RSZO) BM-21 Grad (M1964 NATO index) – 12 units; howitzers D-30 – 5 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 10 units; anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 13 units; artillery tractors (AT) – 75 units.

To download colonel Petrushevsky's correspondence archive

We demand to stop the fratricidal war and call still alive and not wounded officers and soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to think over about their future, mothers, wives and children and to lay down arms. Do not wait you would be replaced in front line. Mobilization announced by Poroshenko has been frustrated already but you will never learn anything about it.

Remember, commanders who issue you criminal orders do not kill anyone themselves. It is you who become murders when execute these orders. If you stop killing, the war will over and you will back home. It is you who can return peace in Ukraine.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

P.S. See the losses data for the previous period in our message of July 26, 2014.

P.P.S. We, CyberBerkut, are not responsible for the quality of the published documents. We do not write but gain them. We notice all grammar and stylistic mistakes in the documents well but we cannot do anything with it. Exactly so Ukrainian officers and officials know the national language.

29.07.2014 CyberBerkut blocks the website of the president of Ukraine

Bloody oligarchs of the Kiev junta continue to exterminate the population of their own country in the South-East in spite of numerous calls of the world society to make peace. Poroshenko, a stooge in American hands, is ready to make any crimes against his people to please his transatlantic masters. He immerses the country in poverty and chaos.

Today we, CyberBerkut and our CyberArmy, have blocked the website of the president of Ukraine Poroshenko, who is responsible for the genocide of his own people.

We thank the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine for cooperation. We are looking forward to further collaboration.


We will not stop till the voice of the Ukrainian people is heard. Ukrainian people demand to stop artillery shelling of their towns and to conduct public investigation of war crimes committed by the Kiev junta in Donbas!

26.07.2014 E-mail of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense colonel has been hacked

We, CyberBerkut, continue to oppose the fratricidal war in Ukraine. Nazi punisher detachments of the Kiev junta leader Poroshenko and militant bloody oligarch Kolomoisky continue to annihilate Ukrainian people.

Today we hacked the e-mail of one of the punishers – colonel V.M. Pushenko from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The correspondence confirms reluctance of the common Ukrainians to shoot their compatriots. Now you can see real facts of daily desertion of soldiers. These facts are the most important secret of the Kiev junta. We, CyberBerkut, reveal it.

Morale of the Ukrainian "defenders" is so low that platoons and companies throw their weapons away and flea even in spite of the threat of punishment by the Nazis. Here's an example of documents sent by colonel V.M. Pushenko to the prosecutor's office.

The full version of the documents with a list of people that refused to fight against its own nation

We pay your attention that our Ukrainian journalists either don't know the truth or don't want to tell it. Today we publish facts the Kiev junta covers from Ukrainian mothers.

The full version of death toll

The colonel also reports huge losses of military vehicles. Most of them were captured by voluntary military forces of Novorossia.

The full version of the document about military vehicles captured by militia

Only in a period of one month from June 20 to July 20 the punishers "gifted" to the voluntary military forces a great number of armory: tanks T-64 – 25 units; infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 19 units; armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 11 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 Gvozdika (M1974 NATO index) – 11 units; multiple rocket launchers (RSZO) BM-21 Grad (M1964 NATO index) – 12 units; howitzers D-30 – 5 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 16 units; anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 2 units; artillery tractors (AT) – 5 units.

To download Pushenko's correspondence archive

We demand to stop the fratricidal war and call Ukrainian officers and soldiers still alive to lay down arms and to not execute criminal orders of Kiev.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

08.07.2014 CyberBerkut has ruined the work of PrivatBank

Today we have attacked one of the main assets of oligarch Kolomoisky again. We have blocked a number of web-services of PrivatBank. Besides, we have blocked the access of bank employees to their computers.
Probably, Kolomoisky and his accomplices prefer to invest money of PrivatBank clients into punitive operation, but not into information security of the bank.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

07.07.2014 PrivatBank clients' money is vanishing

We, CyberBerkut, have received an acknowledgement of the information about money drop-out from the client accounts of PrivatBank.
Today we draw your attention to one of the confidential documents of PrivatBank about incidents in the IT-sphere. This document contains service information that is supposed to be strictly kept by the bank. Internal security department has reported about 19 serious incidents during the period from May16 to May 18 2014. Moreover 1740 cases of money drop-out have been registered during the first 6 months of the year 2014. But PrivatBank does not pay attention to it and claims that its assets are properly secured.

Download the full version of the document

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

04.07.2014 г. CyberBerkut opened correspondence of Sergey Vlasenko!

We, CyberBerkut, hacked Facebook account lover and advocate of Yulia Tymoshenko - Sergey V. Vlasenko.

In correspondence Serhiy Vlasenko and Olga Weiber negotiated items and shipments expected in human organs from Ukraine to Germany. If you want to know what else Vlasenko spoke with a German surgeon and battalion commander "Donbass" - the archive at your disposal:

File with screenshots of Facebook
Correspondence text Vlasenko-Weiber
Correspondence text Vlasenko-Semenchenko

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

04.07.2014 Address to the press

We, CyberBerkut, thank everybody who is not indifferent to our work. Especially we thank media representatives who report our activity results to the world community in spite of tough censorship.
At the same time we draw some journalists' attention to careless attitude to analysis of information we publish and to baseless doubts of its trustworthiness. Meanwhile, not being IT specialists, they do not download the whole archives whose content scatters any doubts.
We confirm vulnerabilities in the PrivatBank information system and a threat to the safety of clients' funds that GreenDragon hacker group declared earlier.

Today we, CyberBerkut, show more evidence of the PrivatBank information security service incompetent work.

The screenshot of the clients' database fragment:

Link to this database fragment: http://cyber-berkut.com/traitors/0018.php

The entire archive of one of the databases is here: http://filefactory.com/file/6xjqa7hf7js9/base.zip (updated 08.07.2014)

Everyone could become familiar with employees' correspondence as well.
The entire archive is here:
Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3qevi2nw4u1znpi/natalja.strojnetskaja@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/50ln6v58ig58w6d/elena.kuznetsova.0B@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/scal1l1b3vlmm1d/ekaterina.garazha.01@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 4: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mw317q1506d6bw3/elena.kozhushko.01@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 5: http://www.mediafire.com/download/61dpdy52rr14y6z/igor.kochkodan@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 6: http://www.mediafire.com/download/61dpdy52rr14y6z/igor.kochkodan@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 7: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yi613qz5wdzbnm1/nina.khomenko.01@privatbank.ua_2.7z (updated 05.07.2014)
Part 8: http://www.mediafire.com/download/br3tcrnghhrvx7n/natalija.shpak@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 9: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i98xc47tugu9zg7/julija.bedij@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 10: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7b70mlivuanu0wo/ljudmila.lozovaja@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 11: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xa3lymixx674jtt/Ljudmila.Lysenko.02@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 12: http://www.mediafire.com/download/de4o5hd6ikcchl8/nikolaj.spasskij@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 13: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l0l7m7ntr1glgaa/roman.skudar@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 14: http://www.mediafire.com/download/054m2my452shoe5/marina.balakunets@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 15: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bklbiguq51tlbo5/press@privatbank.ua.7z
Part 16: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ev7rbme086xru52/pbankgeorgia@privatbank.ua.7z

There are a lot of disturbed clients' comments and a great number of technical information in it:

The e-mails selection archive is here: https://yadi.sk/d/G5IWqTdQVtUY3

We recommend to media representatives and other internet activists wishing to know the truth to look through the content of the archives we publish attentively and to not make hasty conclusions. If you have a question, address it to our press-service on the website and send PMs in the social networks.
We, CyberBerkut, recommend you to choose banks that are able to ensure privacy of your personal information and safety of funds.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

02.07.2014 PrivatBank is unable to protect depositors' money

We, CyberBerkut, analyzed GreenDragon hacker group actions which gained access to confidential data of PrivatBank depositors. We confirm a lot of vulnerabilities in the banking system. Mr. Kolomoisky saves money on skilled IT-administrators. PrivatBank information security is beneath criticism. His press-service lies impertinently and cynically saying the confidential data and clients' accounts are out-of-reach for unauthorized persons.

We will be uploading PrivatBank clients' personal data, purchasing services data and employees' service correspondence selectively during several days.

Today we upload PrivatBank clients' phone numbers.

Clients of PrivatBank!
You risk losing your money keeping your savings in this "organization".
Any rookie programmer fraud could use your personal data as the bank practically doesn't have information security systems.
We insistently recommend to you to close your accounts in PrivatBank as soon as possible and to transfer your money to any other state bank.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

01.07.2014 Strike against fascist Ukrainian resources!

The Kiev junta leader Poroshenko ordered his hound-punishers to attack again. Blood is shed like water in Eastern Ukraine again.
In this connection we, CyberBerkut, intensify our fight against impudent lies, broadcasted by the Ukrainian media, against the propaganda of Nazism and calls for bloodshed in the East of the country which appear on various information resources controlled by the Kiev junta.
Mr. Tymchuk's resources of so called "Information resistance" excelled in especial cynicism and bloodthirstiness during Ukrainian events coverage.
We, CyberBerkut, cannot remain indifferent to these resources that call for elimination of Donbas civil residents and to bastards of the Kiev junta who play off the Ukrainian people against itself with assistance of these websites.
That's why today our CyberArmy has blocked the following resources:


Especial greetings to Dmitry Tymchuk and his fascist propaganda gang! It's just the beginning! We will get you soon as well! No one will escape fair justice!
We would like to thank everybody who joined our CyberArmy and takes part in DDoS attack!
We remind that the recruitment continues. Each of you could make a valuable contribution into the fight against the fascism in our Motherland.
You can download the software here: http://cyber-berkut.com/en/army.php

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

26.06.2014 DDoS-attack on the Ukrainian "Russian radio"

The journalists of the Ukrainian office of "Russian radio" bought and organized the transfer of military equipment to one of the units of the National Guard of Ukraine that is planned to be send to the East of Ukraine in the near future to take part in the punitive operation. In protest against the explicit support of the representatives of the national media community of "antiterrorist operation" against its own people CyberBerkut is conducting a DDoS-attack on the website www.rusradio.ua (11:30 26.06.2014)

25.06.2014 The address of CyberBerkut to the employees of mass-media of Ukraine

We address to employees of mass-media of Ukraine - "Stop lying to the people". The degree of untruth about the situation in our country has exceeded all conceivable criteria. The people receive lies from Ukrainian TV and radio, printed media and national resources of the Internet. The journalists who are trying to bring a grain of truth to Ukrainians are losing their jobs immediately and often get to National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Lies that are told by the Ukrainian media have already been recognized even in the USA which have its geopolitical interests and continue to play the master in Ukraine.
Ukrainian journalists, you are lying to the people! Due to the nature of your work, you know the truth, but you are lying to please oligarchs and fascists who burst through to power (due to your lies) and you are working by theirs instructions. You're lying about the economic situation in Ukraine, you are covering war crimes of the junta and the Right Sector in the South-East, you are contributing to our oligarch rulers that sell Ukraine to Washington. But soon the black becomes white, and the people will curse you for your lies! You bear the responsibility for the current situation in Ukraine together with your oligarch masters.
If you still have a little bit of conscience left in you, if you still remember the journalist's code of ethics, if you dislike that the Ukrainian media is called corrupt, say "NO" to lies and say the TRUTH to the people of Ukraine.

25.06.2014 CyberBerkut opposes the US diktat in the international area

We, CyberBerkut, know the aspirations of the common Ukrainians, hear their pleas for peace and see their readiness to choose the future of our country independently. However the US intervention in internal affairs of Ukraine that had been recognized openly by Barack Obama during his statement at the Military Academy at West Point led this country to the brink of extinction. In addition the US propaganda machine with the participation of their satellite countries in Europe provided international support to interventional policy of the "indispensable" state.
Moreover the American president during his speech to newly-made officers declared that intervention in other states affairs (evidently "dispensable") is the inalienable right of the United States. Such statements should alert the partners of the superpower.
We oppose the manipulation of public opinion and consider our duty to support the right of citizens of any state to have unrestricted access to unforbidden information regardless of the political commitment of their leadership. Therefore today we've launched the English version of our site.
We, CyberBerkut, serve to the Ukrainian people and will not allow American intervention to violate interests of citizens of our country!

25.06.2014 CyberBerkut resumes its activity

We, CyberBerkut, report that we resume our fight against neo-Nazism and oligarchic power in Ukraine. The elected president of Ukraine had enough time to change the country's course to positive. But now it became clear that nothing will change. The new president and his government are just puppets of the USA and EU. The true rulers of Ukraine are Kolomoisky and neo-Nazis. They do not care about interests of Ukrainian people. They are only interested in money, Nazi ideas and how to please their US masters.
In this situation it is impossible to remain indifferent, we should fight for the future of Ukraine by all possible means. We will continue to do it in cyberspace and will do everything to show the true face of the new Ukrainian leadership!

11.06.2014 The European truth about Ukraine

04.06.2014 The address of CyberBerkut

The Kiev junta continues the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Dozens of civilians are being killed by aviation and artillery in the south-east of our country. Hundreds of elderly people and children have lost their homes. Schools, hospitals and kindergartens have been destroyed. Ukrainian media - editors and journalists are controlled by the Kiev junta, they fear for their lives and are forced to ignore the truth about the events in the south-east.
We, CyberBerkut, open the section on our website dedicated to the crimes of the junta against the Ukrainian people. We will collect documentary evidence of crimes against the civilian population (videos of bombing residential areas, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, side numbers of equipment of the Ukrainian army that commits attacks and etc.). Please submit the evidence. The perpetrators will appear in "The people's Tribunal"!

We appeal to the Ukrainian military personnel.

The soldiers and officers of the armed forces of Ukraine!
Today we, CyberBerkut, appeal to you to stop. The Kiev authority under the pretext of the anti-terrorist operation pulled you into the bloody carnage. You have been cheated. You are accomplices to war crimes committed by the Right Sector and the National Guard of Ukraine that are ready to do anything for the oligarchs' money. Do not become those mercenaries. You can prevent the killing of Ukrainian women and children, who never were terrorists!
Soon someone will have to pay for the committed crimes against the peaceful population of the south-east, and we do not exclude that the Kiev junta will lay all responsibility on simple officers. Keep this in mind.

We are CyberBerkut. We will not forget! We will not forgive!

04.06.2014 Recruitment in the CyberArmy continues

We continue recruitment in the CyberArmy. Everyone who wishes to join us to fight against fascism and oligarchic regime in Ukraine can download special software from our website http://cyber-berkut.com/army.php that will allow you to implement DDoS-attacks on the websites of Kiev junta.
We have modified this program, and now it works without errors!

We are CyberBerkut. We will not forget! We will not forgive!

28.05.2014 Address to the press

We, CyberBerkut, get a lot of questions from Ukrainian and foreign journalists concerning events before and during Poroshenko's presidential elections in Ukraine. We generalized them and declare:
We really hacked and destroyed the Information-Analytical System "Elections" of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission. We also deleted all the data and software from all PCs and servers, removed their backups not only of the CEC but of the local election commissions. Databases and their backups were removed and routers settings were reset. So we destroyed not only the system data but its network equipment that made possible to eliminate the net physically.
We really hacked and destroyed the Information-Analytical System "Elections" of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission. We also deleted all the data and software from all PCs and servers, removed their backups not only of the CEC but of the local election commissions. Databases and their backups were removed and routers settings were reset. So we destroyed not only the system data but its network equipment that made possible to eliminate the net physically.
The IAS "Elections" elimination operation proved the extremely low information and computer security level at the Ukrainian state departments. We have been implementing all our actions for 6 hours at night after we had been convinced by the GSM location that general CEC members and employees had gone home. There are a lot of "holes" in the vaunted American SOE Software program which is imposed on so called "countries of new democracy". Either low qualification programmers work at this company or the "holes" were left specially for remote control over the elections votes counting.
We supposed the junta would deny everything and pretend that nothing had happened. That's why we've uploaded the detailed report about our actions and the hacking scheme. We have been amused that nobody from "free and independent" Ukrainian journalists had put any awkward question about this to Nalivaychenko, Okhendovsky, Usenko-Chernaya, Magera. Perhaps the journalists had been given appropriate directions. In addition the fact of hacking could be proved by a simple call to system administrators at the LECs. Some of them even posted tweets about problems but then were silenced.
We did not hack the CEC website on May 25. We were inside of the system and were monitoring vain endeavors of the officials to restore it. But they failed.
Besides that we have been concentrating on liquidation of the computer network of the Dnepropetrovsk region administration because it concerned us more at that moment. It's the junta headed by Kolomoisky that supported the Washington decision about Poroshenko to be a president.
We affirm that all the Kiev junta official representatives' statements about viruses in the system, spies and arrested hackers is an outrageous lie. We, CyberBerkut, have destroyed the system by remote access without any help inside the CEC. Any specialized hacking hardware equipment hasn't been confiscated from so called hackers because this equipment doesn't exist.
We confirm the table showing that Yarosh and Poroshenko had passed to the second round of the elections appeared on the official CEC site. The junta was demonstrating to the society not the official CEC site (IP – but some its mirrors located on different IP addresses (,,,,, and their information was changing manually. The table with other elections results has been kept for 30 minutes. It would be better to ask Okhendovsky what it was.
At the same time we, CyberBerkut, don't believe that the Ukrainian journalists didn't pay attention to the amazing coincidence of the elections and exit poll results. Such coincidence undoubtedly is a unique case in the histore of sociology.
The extremely low results of Yarosh and Tyagnibok (2% in sum) are doubtful as well, especially taking account of the Maidan authority and result showed by "Svoboda" during the last elections. We also noticed that the other candidates almost didn't comment the elections results.
All of it gives us reasons to affirm the elections were fake in order to make Poroshenko the head of state and to demonstrate "the European choice" of the Ukrainian people. "Free expression of the Ukrainian people" is a fake of the junta which will lead to the further collapse of our country!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.05.2014 Who has been arrested by the SSU?

We, CyberBerkut, pay your attention to people who have been arrested by the SSU on suspicion of participation in the hacking activity of CyberBerkut group and in attacks against the CEC website. They have no relation to us and our actions.
Pay human rights advocates' attention to the innocent people prisoned by the SSU!
Expect new actions from us!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.

25.05.2014 Report about hacking of the information resources of the Dnepropetrovsk

local administration of Kolomoisky.

We, CyberBerkut, continue destroying information systems of the fascist regime. The report is here:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.05.2014 Cyber-strike on NATO information resources

We, CyberBerkut, remind you that we declared cyber-war against Kiev junta. Unfortunately USA and NATO continue to support the criminal politicians' band that seized Kiev. That means not only advices but the information technologies. Incompetent NATO cyber-center in Tallinn tries to provide the information network security of government and Central Election Commission of Ukraine (CEC).
Today we, CyberBerkut, have hacked NATO's official site again (www.nato.int) which must be protected by cyber-soldiers from Tallinn. We have been repeatedly teaching the NATO cyber-center. But evidently its chief colonel Suzik didn't learn the lesson. We present our apologies to the European taxpayers because the financing of such a cyber-center is very expensive. But the fact is that the European citizens' funds allocated for cyber-security are being wasted in vain as before.
We, CyberBerkut, are ready to help the Euro-Atlantic structures in the organization of information security but only after the victory over the Kiev junta. We hope also for the sensible support of European citizens who sooner or later will stop supporting the neo-fascism in Ukraine.

25.05.2014 Dnepropetrovsk region administration computer network is destroyed, the

Central Election Committee continues lying.

Today we, CyberBerkut, hacked and destroyed the internal computer network of the Dnepropetrovsk region administration.
Kolomoisky's headquarters working on legitimization of the lawless Ukrainian presidential elections and adulteration of their results functioned there after we destroyed the Information-Analytical System "Elections".
We, CyberBerkut, state exorbitant lie level of the junta during so called elections. The CEC, SSU, MIA and State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSIPU) lie through their teeth stating the Information-Analytical System "Elections" is operational!
The lie of the SSU and SSSIPU about "the virus in the system" is disproved already by the Kaspersky Lab. The lie of the CEC "the system works in a standard mode" is disproved by Avakov. Attempts of the junta to disavow the statement of their Minister of the MIA do not stand up to criticism because it was done 12 hours later. It is the evidence of the impostors' confusion in Kiev and of their loss of control over the situation. They have already began a witch-hunt calling the names of the CEC "traitors". The atmosphere of fear and horror reigns among the CEC members and employees of the local election commissions; they are banned to give any comments about the situation. They are under control of fighters from the Right Sector and Maidan Self-defense.
We, CyberBerkut, declare that we are inside the CEC network communications permanently. We affirm the system is not operational and the information exchange between the Center and regions goes by phones and employees' mail exclusively. Any attempts of the junta to prove the opposite are going to fail. They have nothing to show journalists except the imitation of the switched on computers.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.05.2014 Election Committees phones are blocked

We, CyberBerkut, declare the presidential elections held today by the Kiev junta are lawless! State criminals who accomplished the treacherous neo-Nazi coup try to imitate politicians and to play democracy with the elections. Professionals from the State Department and CIA instructed them well but nothing will come out of it. They wish to impose their will on everybody and to demonstrate their power but to tell the truth they have neither one nor the other.
These elections are needed by oligarchs and neo-fascists to stay unpunished, it's the attempt to legitimate their illegality committed in February 22. We, CyberBerkut, announce today that participation in "the presidential elections" of the Kiev junta is a display of weakness and lack of will, a treachery of Ukraine!
We have blocked phone numbers of farce organizers and their assistants as a sign of protest!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

25.05.2014 Access to confidential data of Kolomoisky's assistant has been gained!

We, CyberBerkut, have gained access to PC documents and hacked the e-mail of Alexey Salkoch, the assistant of I.Kolomosky.
The information about Kolomoisky's financing of the National Guard battalions "Dnepr-1", "Donetsk-1", "Lugansk", special purpose patrol and inspection service "Artemovsky" has been found in these documents.
Salkoch's PC documents
Salkoch's e-mail contains autobiographies of corrupted MIA employees and accounts for communication equipment, clothing and equipment allowance, cold steel, medicines, meals for personnel and surveillance devices for roadblocks. There are also instructions and plans of seizing power by the Nazi movement Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defence and of support their candidate during the so-called "presidential elections".
Salkoch's PC documents about UNA-UNSD
Here is European "support" which is praised by usurpers of power!
We recommend to become familiar with entire archives:
http://www.filefactory.com/file/5pfw9lj8ky85/salkoch_new.7z (updated)
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

23.05.2014 The electronic system of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission has been

destroyed 3 days before the elections (Part 5)

We, CyberBerkut, say happy birthday to the CEC employees Gugueva Oksana Vladimirovna, Savchenko Svetlana Nikolaevna and Kuz`menko Lyudmila Alexanderovna.
We apologize to them for caused inconveniences.
Today we, CyberBerkut, destroyed PC and network infrastructure of the Ukrainian CEC. The Unified Information-Analytical System "Elections" created under total US control ceased to exist.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

23.05.2014 The electronic system of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission has been

destroyed 3 days before the elections (Part 4)

We, CyberBerkut, express our special thanks to the head of the bureau of the Security Informatization Department of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission Oleg Petrovitsch Pravdivy for outrageous negligence during his service duties. The junta won't last out for a long with such bureaucracy.
The elections are just around the corner and Mr. Pravdivy is carried away by women.
We've informed his wife Tatyana Vladimirovna Pravdiavaya just to make sure.

23.05.2014 The electronic system of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission has been

destroyed 3 days before the elections (Part 3)

We, CyberBerkut, have hacked and liquidated the Unified Information-Analytical System "Elections" as well as PC network communications of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission. We've gained unlimited access to service and private correspondence of the CEC members.
These documents show that Ukraine rapidly loses its sovereignty and so called presidential elections held by the Kiev junta are organized by instructions from the West. Special place at this instructors' sequence belongs to the International Fund of Electoral Systems (IFES) financed by the US state department.


23.05.2014 The electronic system of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission has been

destroyed 3 days before the elections (Part 2)

We, CyberBerkut, have hacked and liquidated the Unified Information-Analytical System "Elections" as well as PC network communications of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission. We've gained unlimited access to service and private correspondence of the CEC members.
CyberBerkut rejoices the head of the CEC Mikhail Vladimirovitsch Okhendovsky is interested in private problems, not only service issues.
For example, renovation of his mansion
or dating with beautiful ladies.
But why do the CEC head and his wife have so many passports for traveling abroad?

23.05.2014 The electronic system of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission has been

destroyed 3 days before the elections

We, CyberBerkut, have totally destroyed the network and electronic infrastructure of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission as a sign of protest against legitimation of the Kiev junta crimes. We declare that the Unified Information-Analytical System "Elections" created under complete control of the United States ceased to exist.
We gained private correspondence of the Ukrainian CEC:


Technical documentation of the CEC system administrators and of the district election commissions:

Report on hacking:

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

22.05.2014 The address of CyberBerkut – presidential elections in Ukraine

We, CyberBerkut, declare the forthcoming so called Ukrainian presidential elections ILLEGITIMATE.
To conduct an election campaign while journalists are imprisoned and the candidates for president are beaten by fascists – is CYNICAL.
To demand election from voters while the junta burns and poisons citizens that do not agree with its policy – is IMMORAL.
To conduct the elections in the country torn by the civil war – is CRIMINAL.
The anti-national junta is going to legalize itself performing a show called "the Ukrainian presidential elections" directed by the West.
WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT! Let's say our resolute NO to this farce!
We, CyberBerkut, call all our compatriots to boycott the criminal elections. You are free to choose your own methods of doing that. But the fascist regime in Kiev will not be able to profit by your vote to discharge its crimes.
Cyberfighters! If you don't fight against fascism it means you support it! Expect our instructions.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

15.05.2014 The anti-fascist movement in cyberspace gains strength

We, CyberBerkut, thank all the honest and courageous people for joining our retaliation action for the deaths of civilians in Odessa. Thanks to the actions of the CyberArmy the Internet resources of the neo-Nazi adherents are defeated and still not functioning.
Meanwhile, the number of fighters in cyberfront increases, which will soon allow to strike at more secure sites of the anti-popular fascist junta.
We continue to recruit volunteers in the CyberArmy. We cannot remain indifferent at this historic moment for Ukraine. Who does not struggle against fascism - that supports it. Today, the fate of the future of Ukraine is at stake, and what it will depend on you. Join us! Our cause is just! Victory will be ours!
Murderers and their accomplices must remember that retribution is inevitable. War criminals and oligarchs, who seized power in our country, know there is a force capable of defending the constitutional rights of Ukrainians and give you fight back!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

14.05.2014 The CyberArmy strikes perpetrators of the tragedy in Odessa

We, CyberBerkut, announce that 4.5 thousand volunteers have already joined our CyberArmy. Such number of honest and brave people strengthens the confidence in a clear future of our country.
The first combat experience of the CyberArmy members was a strike at the sites of Odessa regional administration (http://oda.odessa.gov.ua/), Regional public prosecutor's office of Odessa (http://www.od.gp.gov.ua/) and M.I.A of Ukraine (http://mvs.gov.ua) whose employees not only didn't prevent mass killings but supported criminals and covered them by their backs.
The information about participants of disturbances, incendiaries, killers, their coordinators and masters is known. We uploaded the tragedy perpetrators lists to our website at the BerkutLeaks section. The criminals and their abettors must be punished!

We are CyberBerkut. We will not forget! We will not forgive!

13.05.2014 The CyberArmy enters battle against fascism!

We, CyberBerkut, thank 4128 volunteers showed courage and joined the CyberArmy to fight against neo-Nazis.
Tomorrow we're going to take action and strike a blow by joint efforts against on information resources of the Kiev junta. All the planned attack members are needed to launch our software on May 14 at 10:00 am.
We will deliver Ukraine from the brown plague!
Please download and run the new software update for your OS (README.TXT instructions are in archives):
for Windows
for Linux

Join Us

CyberBerkut warns against probable repetition of the tragedy in Odessa

We, CyberBerkut, report that the anti-fascist procession of the Volunteer Police of Odessa (Narodnaya Druzhina) will take place today at 1 pm in memory of the fallen. According to our information the fighters from the Right Sector (Pravy Sector) plan performing provocations which with the high degree of probability will lead to the widespread victims.
In order to prevent violence and mass murders we informed local public prosecution bodies about this fact. However this information should be spread among citizens. Every resident should know about probable further developments and take necessary measures. Don't allow repetition of the tragedy of May 2.
The people lost confidence in the law enforcement agencies for their collaboration with the Nazis.
We will keep forever in our hearts the memory about the anti-fascist heroes burned alive and killed in Odessa on May 2, 2014!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

CyberBerkut announces the CyberArmy recruitment!

We, CyberBerkut, call everybody to stir to fight against fascism.
We call volunteers to join the CyberArmy.
We've created a special weapon which will help to execute attacks on the fascist junta and its henchmen internet-resources. After this program installed your PC will be included automatically in the cyber group implementing DDoS-attacks on pro-fascist websites. We guarantee safety and anonymity for all members.
You will watch the results of the attacks and assess your contribution to the struggle against fascism.
It's time to unite and to destroy the Nazi threat!

Join Us

10.05.2014 г. CyberBerkut opened an account of Arsen Avakov on Facebook!

We, CyberBerkut, gained access to the correspondence on Facebook illegitimate Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affeirs Arsen Borisovich Avakov.

In the correspondence clearly indicates that the attempted murder of Gennady Kernes and Interior Ministry officials on behalf of the right sector was planned Avakov with Igor Balut and Mustafa Nayem.

File with screenshots of Facebook
Correspondence text Avakov-Baluta
Correspondence text Avakov-Nayem
Correspondence text Avakov-Yarema

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

08.05.2014 Arson and shooting of the Odessa citizens!

06.05.2014 Meet Ukrainian fascism! Treffen ukrainischen faschismus!

05.05.2014 Boycott against PrivatBank of Kolomoisky and Roshen production of Poroshenko

The oligarch Kolomoisky through his PrivatBank assigns means for killing of the civilian residents. By this money he sponsors the fascists from Right Sector and the National Guard, supplies weapons for genocide of his own people. We, CyberBerkut, appeal to everybody who hates fascism to print and stick these flyers on every PrivatBank branch at your location. Money of Kolomoisky HAS a smell. The smell of blood.

Picture: PrivatBank: our money smells of blood

The other fascism sponsor is Petro Poroshenko. We call for a boycott against Roshen production and to stick these flyers on every outlet and other stores. Yesterday – candies, today – burned people.

Picture: Roshen – the fascism sponsor. Remember, you support fascism buying Roshen production

Download flyer 1
Download flyer 2
Together we will stop fascism!

03.05.2014 CyberTribunal convicted the perpetrators of burning people alive in Odessa

  • Alla Kolesnik
  • Kristina Yozhik
  • Darya Marien
  • Katerina Olegovna
  • Lesya Orobets
  • Irina Farion‎
You are guilty of burning people alive in Odessa. Revenge is inevitable. This crime has no period of limitation.

From now on your every step, telephone calls, e-mail and social network accounts content will be known. We will shadow you through the cameras in your smartphones and notebooks. All of it will belong to those who ready to execute the sentence.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.

29.04.2014 89 e-mails of the Lviv prosecutor have been hacked.

We, CyberBerkut, continue to struggle against the neo-fascist junta which made coup d'ȇtat and unleashed warfare against its own people in the South-East of Ukraine.
Today we hacked 89 e-mails of the Lviv prosecutor and gained access to the colossal internal documentation. We’re sure this content won't disappoint even the most exacting readers. They could receive evidence that the prosecutors of Lviv violate the statutory Constitution of Ukraine and don't guard the law but the interests of fascists.

Download the entire archive
Download the archive. Part 1
Download the archive. Part 2

But the most interesting document is the mail sent by the oligarch Kolomoisky to the current prosecutor of Lviv V.Gural. We became familiar attentively with this message and recommend all of you to do so because it's about planned coup d'ȇtat. Its members are: Admiral I.Tenyukh, First Deputy Minister of Defence B.Buts, the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service V.Gvozd', the Head of The Main directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defence Y.Pavlov, the commander of the 204th Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Air Force of Ukraine Y.Machmur, The Military Representative to NATO for Ukraine General A.Petrenko. Today everybody understands that there are other traitors. They are ready to do anything to toady to their American masters.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.

29.04.2014 NATO General's e-mail has been hacked. A military takeover is being planned in Ukraine.

We, CyberBerkut, address to the Ukrainian people!
Today we got additional evidence of the junta helplessness in Kiev. Turchinov and his gang incurred already a loss without large scaled warfare against theirs own people. Undoubtedly, it's necessary to have "particular talents" to surrender several foreigners and three officers from the Alfa unit, to lose Konstantinovka, one helicopter and the plane. But Generals compensate the lack of the combat skills far from the battle line. They practice intrigues and plots in the corridors of power showing a very keen insight and pep. They understood that their time is passing and made a decision to get rid of Pastor and his clique, to prevent Poroshenko to get power and to make Tyagnibok a president.
Today these plans were made known thanks to efforts of the hackers group Anonymous Ukraine. They hacked the e-mail of Igor Kolomoisky and got a funny message to his old friend Vladimir Gural, the prosecutor of Lviv.
Following his basic vital principle "suckers should be tricked" the assigned by the junta the head of the Dnepropetrovsk region recommends making an unofficial data inspection about the planning plot headed by Admiral Tenyuh. He named and other plot members including The Military Representative to NATO for Ukraine General Petrenko. Evidence of the planning plot had been found in his correspondence as well.


We, CyberBerkut, and our supporters hit already those who cover the criminals up instead of protecting their people from them.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.

Our new page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyberberkut3

25.04.2014 The addition to the correspondence of Avakov–Brook

We, CyberBerkut, gained an access to the correspondence of the former Minister faithful assistant D.Brook for the purpose of making public the true person of the illegitimate Minister of M.I.A. and his adherents.
His correspondence has a clear view of the ideological direction, Brook connections with the faithful to the Kiev junta journalists and collaboration with his attorney persons serving as spies in other regions.
To be continued…


22.04.2014 CyberBerkut hacked the correspondence of Avakov

Open image

We, CyberBerkut, gained an access to the correspondence of the illegitimate Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and his former press secretary and business partner Dmitry Brook.
The correspondence shows that the murder of Sashko Bily had been planned by Avakov in exchange for his death so called government would betray the Berkut unit members to Yarosh.
In addition the correspondence pointed out how illegitimate power cynically eliminates disliked journalists for example Konstantin Dolgov who was held over and removed in Kiev in April, 19.
These and other details of the so called democratic methods of new sovereigns you will find in Avakov's correspondence uploaded here.

Full text in TXT
Full text in BerkutLeaks

Picture: Why to struggle to do everything at once when it's possible to use double standards?

18.04.2014 CyberBerkut delivered a cyber-blow

We, CyberBerkut, address to the people of Ukraine! Today in our country the fascist government urges the army on unleashing of the civil war and corrupt oligarchs use stolen money to fool people, to foment hysteria and mutual hatred in the country. Such actions threaten the national security and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will lead inevitably to the mass bloodshed. We, CyberBerkut, consider our duty to stop cynical lies and disinformation in Internet that use the traitors of our country to sink it in blood of the civilians.
We, CyberBerkut, declare war on the junta in Kiev! Yesterday we executed a mass attack against the Internet resources controlled by the self-declared power and disconnected the DNS servers of the UA registrar, causing total paralyzing of the largest data center in Kiev.
If the junta doesn't stop giving criminal commands we will continue disconnecting domain zones. In this case the country will die virtually and the map of the Internet will become the blank spot without lies.

17.04.2014 The address to the Ukrainian people

Picture: Wanted for the unconstitutional takeover and the Ukrainian civilians killings

We, CyberBerkut, address to the Ukrainian people! Today in our country the fascist government urges the army on unleashing of the civil war and corrupt oligarchs using stolen money from their people are ready to sponsor any provocations. They want citizen slaughter to be commited to draw world community attention from the criminal actions they made in the country. We, CyberBerkut, will not permit them to do that. These people overthrew the lawful government in February and committed military crimes against theirs own people in April, 2014. Remember their faces, they are the state and war criminals who will not evade punishment of the Ukrainian people!!!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

16.04.2014 The attack on the NSDC

The junta in Kiev continues executing criminal acts against Ukrainian people. The decision about conducting so called anti-terrorist operation in the South regions of Ukraine was made during the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council by the criminals of Maidan Turchinov, Nalivaichenko, Avakov and Parubiy. It is the NSDC who became the reprisal initiator against the Ukrainians by the habitual Maidan way – annihilation of those who disagrees with the new politics of "new power".
Today we, CyberBerkut, block the work of the NSDC resource http://rnbo.gov.ua/ once again and warn the scoundrel Parubiy and his adherents that we are preparing much more cruel measures!
The citizens of Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov regions, we are with you! Victory will be ours!
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

11.04.2014 New attack on the lying media

We, CyberBerkut, are blocking the work of the next anti-national sites:

  • http://news.pn/
  • http://racurs.ua/‎
  • http://day.kiev.ua/‎

09.04.2014 Strike back!

CyberBerkut takes vengeance on American private military companies
Private military companies have shed the blood of Ukrainian people! Thugs from American private military company Greystone Limited in the uniform of Ukrainian police participated in so-called anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine. They were beating and humiliating Ukrainian people. People who do not want to be ruled by thieves and traitors that seized power in Kiev.
We are not going to forgive this!
Ukrainian people will be avenged!
Today we've defaced Triple Canopy and Tidewater Global Services private military companies
We've also conducted a successful DDoS-attack on Greystone Limited and Academi – the former Blackwater PMC.
And it's only a beginning!
We are CyberBerkut! We will protect our country!

09.04.2014 American secret services are afraid of us!

We, CyberBerkut, bring to our adherents' notice that on April, 7, our American friends of the illegitimate government in Kiev have blocked our page in Facebook and on April, 8, our site server has been disconnected.
They explained their actions by our "extremist type" activity.
This is another lie but we were ready. Here is freedom of speech. We are even satisfied – our activity stu ck in their craw.
And we accept the challenge! NATO has already known us and the "democratic" USA will know us soon better.
As you see our site is on. And we won't be killed in social networks. Our new page in Facebook

08.04.2014 CyberBerkut addresses to the Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovitsch!

Today the people in the South-East of Ukraine rose for the resolute fight against the oligarchs who perfidiously seized the power in our country, against corrupt politicians, outrage bandits and we, CyberBerkut, address to the Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovitsch!
We want you to know there is absolute outrage in your country as well at the governmental cabinets and in the streets. The marginal group in Kiev divides power by "presidential elections" and enters into an agreement process with IMF. By such actions our country will economically depend on the West for decades . We want you know that if you had took more resolute measures in time and hadn't escaped the country, this entire situation in the country wouldn't be happened.
How long do you plan staying in Russia? Do you really think that you could live the rest of your life like a successful businessman? But we want you to know that you will be the Escaped President for everybody forever. The President who saved himself and forgot about those who died for you. You deserted your people without rights and protection and the oligarchs, neo-Nazis and Euro-American politicians who continue violence in Ukraine.
But you can stop this lawlessness. You must come back to our country in Donetsk or Kharkiv where you'll be in safety and perform your duty to the people. So called legitimacy of the junta in Kiev will burst like a soap-bubble because Ukraine will have the constitutional President! Your return will boost the holding of the nationwide referendum and destroy the preparing elections in Kiev!
You have grandsons. What will you answer their questions? Why do they live in exile and can't repatriate? What did you do to prevent poverty, chaos and fascist march in your country? Do you not really care that they will be shamed of their surname "Yanukovitsch"?
We call you to return and officially give power those who are trusted by people's fate.

We are CyberBerkut!

We will protect our country from traitors and neo-fascists!

07.04.2014 CyberBerkut blocks the lying media

We, CyberBerkut, continue our fighting against the anti-national Kiev regime.
New government which seized power by neo-Nazis took the road of the lie to get the legitimate status and an approval of the EU and the USA. In order to hide the killing of special squad soldiers and their own Right Sector members they blamed Berkut soldiers by their media. Puppeteers from the West applaud to their capable pupils. To do anything by proxy is so American! This is a true democracy! They don't care about people blood and sorrow, geopolitical success is above all. They even told the EU to go to hell. The henchmen of the West are ready to do anything including lying to the people by mass media. We've been blocking anti-national media, sites and other resources for many times already in order to prevent them.
Today CyberBerkut as we promised earlier continues his attack at TV channels of Kolomoisky and Firtash who make their market of the people's sorrow.

  • www.1plus1.ua
  • www.inter.ua
We say "NO" to lies on the air!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.

04.04.2014 CyberBerkut blocks the sites of General Prosecutor's Office and M.I.A. of Ukraine

We, CyberBerkut, demand from so called Minister of M.I.A. Avakov and Prosecutor General Makhnitsky to free immediately the Kiev Berkut soldiers arrested for shooting adherents of Euromaidan.
The traitors heading the Kiev junta laid the blame on the innocent Berkut soldiers.
They decided to cover blood crimes of Avakov, Nalivaychenko, Parubiy implemented direct instructions of their American masters, ordering to shoot the people cruelly.
You will be responsible for all! We will not permit accusing innocent people for your crimes!
The shed blood of Euromaidan is on your hands!
We address to the security combat services employees asking to support your colleagues and to not execute lawlessness and blood orders of the so called new power.
And Parubiy, Nalivaychenko with his right hand Yarosh, Avakov, American stooges Yatsenyuk, Klichko, Tyagnibok and Timoshenko accused for the blood scenario in February will be brought to the People's Court!
Today we blocked the sites of M.I.A. and General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine in the capacity of warning!

  • http://mvs.gov.ua/
  • http://gp.gov.ua/
It is not over! The justice will be administered!

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

02.04.2014 The Ukrainian oligarch resources

CyberBerkut blocks the Ukrainian oligarch information resources
Following our allies' requests we, CyberBerkut, start to attack the information resources of the Kiev junta oligarchs.
Today at 11:00 am we blocked the following sites:
http://privatbank.lv/ - Latvian PrivatBank branch of Igor Kolomoisky
http://comments.ua/ - news portal Kommentarii of Sergey Taruta
Remember moneybags! The blood of people killed during Euromaidan is on your hands
It is only beginning! Expect!

01.04.2014 DDoS

We, CyberBerkut, today at 11:00 am are going blocking the following anti-national sites:

  • http://ukrpolitforum.com/
  • http://kharkovforum.ua/‎
  • http://tymoshenko.ua/‎

24.03.2014 Timoshenko, the Russians in Ukraine and atomic weapon

We introduce as promised another interesting phone conversation.
The phone conversation between Shoofrich and Timoshenko. March 18, 2014 at 11:17 pm.

24.03.2014 DDoS

We, CyberBerkut, are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://una-unso.in.ua/
  • http://cun.org.ua/‎

At the same time we are blocking up to 120 phones work of the neo-Nazi participants in Ukraine.

22.03.2014 How the USA organized the brown revolution in Ukraine

The correspondence between the Ukrainian NGOs, the U.S. embassy and American funds had been hacked.
We, CyberBerkut, as promised continue our exposures of the Ukrainian traitors. Today we present the hacked e-mail correspondence of Eduard Egorov – the chairman of the board at the non-governmental organization "Educational Center of Human Rights", which took part in the recent months' events.
The correspondence shows that the National Endowment for Democracy which is given money by the U.S. Congress directly and promotes "the American democracy" around the world was responsible for immediate funding of the revolution process in Ukraine.
And the department of press, education and culture of the U.S. embassy as it turned out was responsible for the Ukrainian traitors' efforts coordination in Maidan. It's funny that even the education and culture department in the American embassy is occupied with planting of "the brown plague" in Ukraine, isn't it?
We urgently recommend everybody to make a careful study of these downloaded documents. They demonstrate the support schemes and coup d'état funding in Ukraine.
Here are the links on archives:

Interesting selection
Entire correspondence

As you can see the NGO traitors are ready to do anything even to sell their Motherland in order to get newly printed money from the ocean. Read how these Judas report back to their master on the work they had done.

Here is the part of the traitors and their adherents' list:

Boris Kudar, Eduard Egorov, Vladimir Trandafil, Sergey Averkov, Yuriy Chudnovsky, W. Michael Davis, Alexandr Sidorenko, Andrey Yuzvenko, Alicia Wondoloski, Benjamin Morano, Yuriy Didula, Sergey Suhoboychenko, Viacheslav Golovchenko, Nicolay Vorobev, Anton Chernysh, Oleg Konotoptsev, Zinaida Glushko, Taras Plakhtiy, Konstantin Zayats, Vyacheslav Konovalov, Anastasiya Konstantinovs`ka, Aleks Fom, Vladimr Volikov, Artem Reshetilov, Roman Huzyakhmetov, Jennifer Lynn Viau, Andrey Eremenko, Vadim Melnikov, Tatyana Podobinskaia-Shtyk, Vitaliy Makarenko, Yuriy Koss, Aleksey Pilipchuk, Helena Zhadko, Nicolay Mokrik, Katerina Avramchuk, Kristina Shira, Anastasiya Zhukova, Mihail Chukhno, Vladimir Moroz, Yuriy Bogdanov, Tatyana Barabolikova, Victoria Kuziva, Yuliya Fedorova, Anna Lopushanska, Ekaterina Sorochenko, Andrey Ozhishchenko, Mark Borzenkov, Lyudmila Zlobina, Ekaterina Ponomarenko, Irina Paleta, Vladimir Rogozhin, Helena Bershtein, Joanna Rohozinska, Yuliya Gonchar, Irina Taran, Natalia Zabrots`ka, Andrey Yuzvenko, Agnieszka Gmys-Wiktor, Olga Litvin, Jacek Gralczyk, Valeriy Bezushko, Anna Tkach, Roman Basaliga, Vladimir Panchenko, Irina Patronik, Dmitriy Batyuk, Kirill Stremousov, Maria Gudovanaya, Elena Kovtun, Olga Briga, Nadezhda Rakitina, Sergey Reshetov, Irina Los`, David Meilfant, Diana Epshtein, Tatyana Baeva, V. Salamatov, Svetlana Salamatova.

And here the letter fragment is:

Traitors of the Motherland, we continue our activity to exposу your crimes! You have a time to do penance for your sins to the Ukrainian people.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!


19.03.2014 CyberBerkut blocked the National Guard phones!

Today we, CyberBerkut, blocked at 7:00 am phones of neo-Nazis and radicals who took part in so called recruitment into the National Guard of Ukraine. We are against Bandera's bastards in our towns!

19.03.2014 DDoS

CyberBerkut blocks the lying media!

We, CyberBerkut, are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://silaslova.zp.ua/

18.03.2014 DDoS

We, CyberBerkut, continue our fighting against the Ukrainian traitors. Today we blocked the illegal NSDC secretary of Ukraine Andrey Parubiy – the former Maidan gang chieftain.

  • http://www.parubiy.org/

17.03.2014 DDoS

CyberBerkut blocks the lying media!

We, CyberBerkut, are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://rivne.fm/
  • http://uju.rv.ua/
  • http://zik.com.ua/

17.03.2014 Attention! Fake CyberBerkut groups appeared in the Internet!

We, CyberBerkut, consider necessary to warn our adherents.
In social networks appear groups using our name and symbols. These groups bear no relation to us and are created by provocateurs and shindlers.
We, CyberBerkut, consider it to be our duty to warn you that we lay exclusively all our information in our official site http://www.cyber-berkut.com and in Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte:

16.03.2014 DDoS

CyberBerkut blocks the lying media!
We, CyberBerkut, continue our fighting against the governmental arbitrary and fascist nationalism which are supported by unprincipled media, implementing the double standards policy and falsifying the reality. They don't have an aversion to lie openly on their pages.
So that we are blocking today the following sites:

  • http://unian.net/
  • http://ukrinform.ua/
  • http://vlasti.net/
  • http://ord-02.com/
  • http://galnet.org/

16.03.2014 CyberBerkut ceased attack on defenseless NATO resources

We, CyberBerkut, report about ceasing DDoS attack resources http://ccdcoe.org/, http://nato.int/ and http://nato-pa.int/.

Pay the European taxpayers attention on useless wasting your money on support of notorious cyber defense. If NATO can't protect its resources the personal data protection of the common Europeans is out of the question.

15.03.2014 CyberBerkut attacks NATO

We, CyberBerkut, will not permit NATO occupants' presence on the territory of our Motherland!
Following the ask of the Kiev junta a student group in Ukraine which named itself Cybersotnya (Cyberhundred) conducts its activity headed by NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn. Using them as a cover the West implements active propaganda activity among the Ukrainian population by mass media and social networks, blocks unbiased information sources and protect the criminals named themselves "legal power".
The whole elite of the NATO cyber leadership arrived to help idiots from Maidan (maidiots) headed by Colonel Artur Suzik.
We, CyberBerkut, would like to say to mr. Suzik: "Hurry up to come home and save your cyber center. And we urgently recommend changing the password on your PC".
We, CyberBerkut, announce that today at 6:00 pm we started attacking NATO resources:

  • http://ccdcoe.org
  • http://nato.int
  • http://nato-pa.int
We address to NATO cyber bandits: "Get out from the Ukrainian land!"

14.03.2014 DDoS

Today since 12 pm we've been implementing a DDoS attack against the media who sold itself to Right Sector

  • http://litsa.com.ua
  • http://viche.lutsk.ua

13.03.2014 No comments

A document of the UDAR party in Lviv. No comments.

13.03.2014 The e-mails of the UDAR and Bat'kivschina parties have been hacked

We, CyberBerkut, as the most people of Ukraine do not agree with the policy of the self-styled reigns headed by the Right Sector radicals. Some named themselves the Prime Minister, the Acting President, the others even dream of the President's office. But in real life they are political traitors performing shady dealings following their private interests. Even today they remove from the political arena probable rivals and soon they will bite each other's head off.
We don't agree with such situation and will fight against this by any ways, against these "people leaders" and their pocket parties. We've hacked the e-mails of the UDAR party in Lviv, Lugansk, Khmel'nitsk, Donetsk and of the Bat'kivschina party in Lugansk. There are many interesting documents in it for the Ukrainian community. We were promised the most honest elections in the Ukrainian history however pay your attention to one of the UDAR documents. They do trolling but it is cheating indeed! And after these elections they will forget about people interests at all. They will feed oligarchs and Right Sector who gave them power.

Here are the links:


13.03.2014 DDoS

We confirm that the DDoS attack against the media

  • http://expres.ua
  • http://sfera-tv.com.ua
  • http://strelaua.com

who sold itself to radicals is in progress. The sites are offline since 4 pm 14/3/12. The attack against mobile phones still goes on.

12.03.2014 DDoS

Today since 4 pm we began the DDoS attack on the media who sold itself to Right Sector:

  • http://expres.ua
  • http://sfera-tv.com.ua
  • http://strelaua.com

At the same time we block up to 800 phones of neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

12.03.2014 To bander-logs

We address to you, remaining Nazis and people had been made fool and zombie by them, on the subject of your mud on our page.
Firstly. It is obvious how you are uneducated and illiterate, to say nothing of your culture absence. You deserve your name "bandEr-logs"! Animals like you should be in Europe indeed. The have a lot of zoos.
Secondly. If you bark at us, it means we are on the right way. The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on! We don't see and hear you anymore, only smash!

08.03.2014 Citizens of Ukraine!

CyberBerkut addresses to people who cares about the situation in our Motherland. Who understands appeared neo-Nazis, nationalists, Russophobes and anti-Semites must be punished for the crimes!
We ask you sending information about radicals' crimes by a private message on our page in Facebook. We are interested in crimes facts, surnames and names of criminals, e-mails and phone numbers. Vermin must and will be punished!

07.03.2014 To the illegitimate NSDC from CyberBerkut

We remind you, illegal NSDC employees, that we will fight against your crime Nazi gang and lawlessness activity!
We demand to free immediately the people's governor of Donetsk Pavel Gubarev!
We address to law enforcement officers – do not collaborate with criminals!

06.03.2014 Our regards to Yatsenyuk and Timoshenko!

We, CyberBerkut, announce that political traitors who seized power in Kiev by the neo-fascist takeover went way too far in their treachery today. We learnt the new regime does everything for our country to be occupied by NATO troops, U.S. private military companies and to become U.S anti-missile defense deployment area. They must haven't heard us but we were ready. Yatsenyuk and Timoshenko, did you like the phone conversation record between the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Catherine Ashton? Be ready for much bigger surprises!
We, CyberBerkut announce that we interrupted the countdown and passed from words to deeds due to sharp deterioration of the socio-political situation in Ukraine, gross violations of the Constitution, country laws and the inalienable rights and freedoms of citizens.
You, Yatsenyuk, Klichko, Tyagnibok and conditional early discharged Timoshenko, lost your chance and would be given no quarter. You had an opportunity saving yourself and preventing the tragedy extension in Ukraine, but you wanted to hide from your people behind NATO soldiers' backs. We, CyberBerkut, won't permit you to do so. We will help Ukraine to save the independent from the Western aggression which is ready to protect the neo-fascist government.
We've blocked the sites:

  • http://banderivets.org.ua/
  • http://helpmaidan.org.ua/
  • http://maidanhelp.com.ua/
  • http://maidansupport.com/
  • http://tavrijci.org/
  • http://samooboronaua.org/
  • http://qha.com.ua/
  • http://rada.gov.ua/
  • http://kmu.gov.ua/
  • http://article20.org/
  • http://gordonua.com/
  • http://tyzhden.ua/
  • http://hromadske.tv/
  • http://ua-ru.info/

We are going to block main resources spreading fascist and nationalist propaganda. Today they are:

  • http://rnbo.gov.ua/
  • http://tsn.ua/
  • http://aktsent.com.ua/
  • http://nashkiev.ua/
  • http://i.ua/

During the last week we've been blocking permanently fascist group coordinators' phones trying to prevent violence escalation in Ukraine. Today we are going blocking more than 700 phones of the junta members, fascist group coordinators and other takeover participants.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget. We will not forgive.


The people of Ukraine!

Today our capital is occupied by fascists! Corrupted politics use them to seize power in country by any way. They also use those who still believe in fairy tales about happy and carefree life in Europe. All these Yatsenyuks and Klichkos don't think about ordinary people and are not going to do their life better. While the "revolutionary masses" wait for manna from new rulers at Rada, the crowds of thugs in helmets run riot in captured towns and on the roads, where they kill and rob. Shrewd masters told them about Bandera but forgot to tell about his end and the end of his adherents. They want to build the Great Ukraine in assistance of evil. But evil had been and will be punished! They know it and that's why hide their faces behind masks. But it won't save them! Today, while they celebrate their pseudo victory and loot in the captured towns, we, CyberBerkut, declare Right Sector outside the law! We declare hunting of neo-fascist criminals! They have no chance of escaping the punishment! Every will be responsible for their deeds! CyberBerkut will be hunting for fascist riffraff till their extermination like the inflexible Berkut have been staying till the end! Today we began to hack sites in order to shut the media lie up! We declare that we will defend Ukraine and save its history and the future of its people!!!

  • http://shtefuriak.com.ua/
  • http://lustration.org.ua/
  • http://kiomag.net/
  • http://mb-kurier.com.ua/
  • http://avers.cv.ua/
  • http://samish.com.ua/
  • http://andinna.com.ua/
  • http://hotel-leoton.com.ua/
  • http://lounge-bar-prime.com/
  • http://karpatzirka.com.ua/
  • http://tay-sen.com.ua/
  • http://boris.cv.ua/
  • http://orion.cv.ua/
  • http://tudan-auto.cv.ua/
  • http://eraled.com.ua/
  • http://gluharei.net/
  • http://proggroup.com.ua/
  • http://ckbk.com.ua/
  • http://dh.cv.ua/
  • http://vasha-bezpeka.cv.ua/
  • http://tutelarix.com/
  • http://karate-do.com.ua/
  • http://aktoriya.com/
  • http://golossokal.com.ua/
  • http://gytja.com/
  • http://instrumbud.com/
  • http://narodnasprava.com/
  • http://shackijkraj.com/
  • http://tutbud.com/
  • http://tutlife.com/
  • http://vbusk.com/
  • http://vulyk.info/
  • http://vzhovkvi.com/
  • http://zhovkivchanka.com/
  • http://batkivshina-kiev.com.ua/
  • http://miroshnychenko.ua/
  • http://vmu.ssu.gov.ua/
  • http://bilshe.info/
  • http://gentnews.com/
  • http://british-express.net/
  • http://donbas.net/
  • http://trost-rada.org.ua/
  • http://uzinform.org.ua/
  • http://uzinform.com.ua/
  • http://visti.if.ua/
  • http://viche.rv.ua/
  • http://zunr.net/
  • http://zunr.info/
  • http://expres.rv.ua/
  • http://panorama.biz.ua/
  • http://kyokushinkay.od.ua/
  • http://odessafrb.od.ua/
  • http://sdam.co.ua/
  • http://obljust.rv.ua/
  • http://sfera-tv.com.ua/
  • http://pilon.rv.ua/
  • http://avtovokzal-kiev.ua/
  • http://kassa.net.ua/
  • http://reisy.com.ua/
  • http://versii.net/
  • http://kv.com.ua/
  • http://tachki.ua/
  • http://1tovar.com/
  • http://odessa-life.od.ua/
  • http://highway.ua/
  • http://foros.tneu.edu.ua/
  • http://rovenkismi.com.ua/
  • http://1-12.org.ua/
  • http://5ek.com.ua/
  • http://apologet.kiev.ua/
  • http://bestlink.net.ua/
  • http://chigirinzapovidnyk.org.ua/
  • http://dssz.gov.ua/
  • http://eap-csf.org.ua/
  • http://edu-mns.org.ua/
  • http://electrol.lviv.ua/
  • http://hankevych.lviv.ua/
  • http://itstep.lviv.ua/
  • http://jcc.org.ua/
  • http://kbp.co.ua/
  • http://kda.org.ua/
  • http://khotkevych.org/
  • http://kotelyak.com.ua/
  • http://kp-osvita.org.ua/
  • http://medkol.cv.ua/
  • http://miskrada.sokal.lviv.ua/
  • http://monastyr.kiev.ua/
  • http://npf-dnister.com/
  • http://odkb.dp.ua/
  • http://partner-visa.com.ua/
  • http://perejaslav.km.ua/
  • http://phrases.org.ua/
  • http://portfinvestment.com/
  • http://rivne-cerkva.rv.ua/
  • http://sokal-rda.gov.ua/
  • http://teplointeh.com.ua/
  • http://upa.in.ua/
  • http://vidomosti.kiev.ua/
  • http://vw.lviv.ua/
  • http://wsfiz.in.ua/
  • http://vinnitsa.info/
  • http://zhitomir.info/
  • http://nuczu.edu.ua/
We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!