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22.10.2016 г.     CyberBerkut hacked NED: US is preparing a color revolution in Russia

according to Ukrainian model

We, CyberBerkut, gained access to closed messages of National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

In 2013 in Ukraine started revolution, which cracked the country, divided families and ignited civil war. As known, one of the main sponsors of that bloody show was National Endowment for Democracy financed by US Congress. "Thanks" to its money many young Ukrainians came to the streets and started riots.

Then Americans used a common plan: first heated up the population by materials in the media they financed and then started to openly "pump" money into street riots. Now, the same focus they are trying to do with Russia. And one of the main role here belongs to journalist David Satter.

According to our information, Satter works for American special services and has close ties with international fraudster William Browder. Satter lived in Moscow for quite a long period of time and cooperated with such editions as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Radio Liberty. But in 2013 he was refused to prolong his Russian visa. Since then he started to actively support Russian oppositional media.

As it became known from NED materials, Mr. Satter provides quite a wide range of services. If you study all the reports it will become clear that almost each anti-Russian propaganda material published by Radio Liberty and a number of Russian "liberal" media is prepared under Satter's supervision.

In just 10 months of 2016 Mr. Satter ordered 24 articles and investigations in such media as RBC, Vedomosti and Radio Liberty. For example, Sergei Dibrov's "A Black Day in the History of Odessa" which insults the memory of people who were killed in Odessa trade union building. Another six articles are being in the "pipeline" or are ready to be published.

The main goal of this "journalism" is to discredit the Russian Federation's heads, members of their families and close friends. Most often materials ordered by Satter are about Vladimir Putin, Sergei Chemezov, Dmitry Rogozin, Sergei Shoigu, Vorobiev father and son, Rotenberg brothers and other famous Russians.

Another report sent by Mr. Satter to NED

It should be noticed that invoices with detailed description of his services Mr. Satter sends to NED. In one of them, "our" consultant even noticed that he spent $11.50 on telephone.

According to reports we've got David Satter is a chain-link between NED, Radio Liberty and Russian oppositional media. NED materials show that Washington is ready to do everything to shatter political situation in Russia and organize the same chaos that we witnessed here in Ukraine in 2013.

To prevent this, we publish this and a number of other NED documents and hope they will somehow help some people see the real world.

Download all documents

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

04.04.2016     Poroshenko gifts the Turks and Crimean Tatars with Kherson region

We, CyberBerkut, keep our activity in closed computer networks of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

We found in officials' e-mails Poroshenko's draft decree on the Crimean Tatar national autonomy establishment on the Kherson region and the Crimean peninsula as well as provision of land to the Meskhetian Turks for dwelling. This project is not final but it shows a line of the Kiev junta's thought.

It is noteworthy that the draft decree has been created after increased Poroshenko and Erdogan's meetings. So the aim of the "monthly friends' dates" became apparent.

Kiev tries to find "political sponsors" in order to allocate responsibilities for its numerous problems solving. The United States don't manage to solve all problems and Europe has long been burdened with obsession of "the revolutionaries of dignity". Apparently, now the Ukrainian establishment linked its great hopes with Turkey.

Turkey has lost the lands of the Northern Black Sea about 300 years ago and it is still looking for revenge. Apparently, now Ankara decided the time has come. It may be no accident that Erdogan's regime upscales its support to such extremists like Dzhemilev or and Chubarov and lobbies its marionettes interests.

Renaming of the town of Kherson to Khan-Giray, liquidation of the Kherson region, resettlement on its territory about one million Muslims – that's the price people of the region will have to pay for Kiev junta's desire to save its power at whatever the cost, including the use of Turkish bayonets.

In this regard, we found very eloquent plans to place a representative office of the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency's and the Turkish Consulate General in Khan-Giray. It is obvious that through these representative offices Ankara plans to carry out external control of the Crimean Tatar national autonomy pushing aside Poroshenko and the junta.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

19.02.2016         Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine plans to disrupt the referendum

in the Netherlands

We CyberBerkut, provide public documents Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. In these papers, Lieutenant General Victor Hvozd asks permission from the Ukrainian State President Petro Poroshenko to conduct operational activities aimed at disrupting the consultative referendum on the advisability of Ukraine association with the EU, to be held April 6, 2016 in Holland:

Below is the text of the document on the Ukrainian, and its translation into Russian language. In addition, we want to remind and to warn not only the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but also in all other European countries: it is not necessary to continue to hope that the country, in which more and more inflames fascism and nationalism will be your obedient puppet, which will help you to solve the internal problems!

The text of the document in the Ukrainian language
The text of the document in the Russian language

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

07.12.2015     Why Qatar buys air bombs in Ukraine?

CyberBerkut keeps on sorting the emails of the head of Polish arms company Level 11 Paul Witold Kzhykovsky. We partially published some information from them on our website before.

CyberBerkut has found out that SpetsTechnoExport Company (which is a part of UkrOboronProm) actively cooperates with Level 11 for the supply of weapons to third countries. One of recent examples is Qatar's purchasing of anti-aircraft missile systems S-125-2D "Pechora-2D".

It turns out that in addition to the anti-aircraft guns, the delegation of Qatar's Defense Ministry was interested in the possibility of the obtaining of a large consignment of air bombs. And, judging by the email of A. Pashinsky (director of Department of STE), to the head of the Polish company, the representatives of Qatar are ready to buy these bombs at a price which is significantly higher than market price. It's obvious that the issue is real urgent because OFAB 250-270 air bomb costs around 700 dollars apiece.

The project of end-user certificate says that Qatar's Defense Ministry is the recipient, the exporter is SpetsTechnoStroy and the importer is Level 11. Moreover there is a line called "agent", where we can see Cyprus offshore firm Blessway Ltd, which as we remember is ruled by B.Babitsky.

Qatar's Air Force use Mirage French fighter jets and light attack aircraft Alpha Jet, which are characterized by the use of Soviet-made air bombs. That's why we have natural question – why Qatar needs Soviet-made air bombs?

It should be noted that high-explosive bomb is not necessary to throw off the plane. It can be undermined on the ground. And that's why we can't exclude the possibility of using these bombs in Syria in some busy place in order to blame Russia in bombing of civilians.

Anyway considering the current situation in the world, the opaque supplies of Ukrainian weapons through front companies and offshore to the Middle Eastern countries is very late and short-sighted deal.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

21.11.2015       SAMs for Qatar. The Poles supply ISIS militants with Ukrainian weapons

CyberBerkut keeps on sorting the emails of the head of Polish arms company "Level 11" Paul Witold Kzhykovsky. In October we partially published some information obtained from them.

Looking through the Kzhykovsky's correspondence with the Vice-president of "Level 11" Vasily Babytsky we paid attention to the letter from some Volodimir Kuruts.

Having googled for a while we found out that Volodymyr Yanovich Kuruts was an actual person. He works as the Counsellor for Trade and Economic Affairs in The Embassy of Ukraine to the State of Qatar.

The letter contains two applications which unveil the fact that Qatar Ministry of Defence was actively looking for the ways to procure SAM systems in September, 2015.

Evidently for this purpose the Qatar military delegation attended international exhibition "Arms and Security – 2015" which took place on September 22 – 27 in Kiev.

The Qatar militaries reached deal with "UkrOboronProm" on S-125-2D Pechora-2D SAM systems supplies on the fields of this exhibition.

Volodymyr Kuruts has obviously no doubts on the fact the huge arms contract will be signed so he shares insider information (evidently for some cash-back) with his good friend Vasily Babytsky. He proposes him to make some money on shipping large SAM systems to Qatar or somewhere else.

For the first sight this correspondence contains nothing interesting except traditional corruption schemes: "UkrOboronProm" and Polish arms company "Level 11" have already signed dozens of such contracts.

There is a nuance of this situation. In the end of September everybody knew the Russian jets stationed in Syria in order to strike ISIS.

The question is what for Qatar which is known to be the sponsor of ISIS needs to procure Pechora SAMs exactly that time?

The conclusions are obvious. More over these deals between Ukrainian and Polish arms barons on one side and Qatar on the other look cynically especially on the background of Russian Airbus A321 tragedy and large-scale Paris terror attacks.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

13.11.2015 г.                   Mr. Soros' strike troops in Russia: gays and decadents

CyberBerkut is still positioned in the confidential networks of the Ukraine's presidential administration. As we announced in the material about the visit of the American tycoon George Soros to Kiev, now we are publishing a series of confidential documents concerning his plans for Russia.

We have got an Open Society Foundations (OSF) detailed plan of action towards Russia in 2014-2017 that is called "Russia Project Strategy" ("Project Russia").

The document clearly identified the main directions of OSF for the period, including combating the resonance laws 2012-2013 that were adopted after mass protests in Moscow, the "involvement" of Russian intellectuals in the global exchange of views and support of the Russian LGBT movement and its popularization.

"Project Russia" provides work in three main areas:

-legislative support of sexual minorities;

-support "independent" and alternative media;

-create new and support existing projects intended for social mobilization.

The document notes that OSF will support its partners in each of these areas by means of "investing in their development and expansion." Moreover the ultimate goal of all these efforts is to build a "transparent, effective and organizationally efficient third sector" (according to the well-known theory of the "three sectors", where the first sector is the state, the second is the private and the third is non-state).

Mr. Soros believes that despite the significant limitations in the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Russia, however, the question of setting the "civil society" is still on agenda. Accordingly, the "Project Russia" opens a wide field of activity.

First of all it comes to that part of the population, "which has kept the protest potential and dissatisfied with strengthening of authoritarianism in Russia". The authors of the document believe it is necessary to use young people (especially the urban middle class) who "want to participate in shaping Russian society".

Based on the strategy, "RuNet" or the Russian Internet is considered as one of the most important tools by which access to information that is not controlled by the state can be provided.

Despite the changes in the Russian legislation, "Project Russia" plans to continue to "strengthen the legitimacy of the controlled entity" through a variety of grants and training programs. The focus is not only on expanding the network of NGOs, but also combining them in coalitions and alliances.

As one of the ways of funding the third sector the strategy involves crowdsourcing (fundraising online). It is pointed out that this technique is widely used by charitable organizations, but largely underestimated by the civil society in Russia.

In the context of legislative support of sexual minorities the strategy of "Project Russia" identifies the key human rights NGOs, which will be supported in 2014-2017. Among them are "Public Verdict," "Man and Law", "Agora", "Memorial" and others.

According to the document, the access to the "independent information and alternative media" is provided by such organizations as Levada-center sociological research organisation, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – Moscow-based independent analytical center, The Center for Information and Analysis SOVA and other organizations. The support of these structures is considered to be "urgently required".

Looking through the list of organizations supported by Mr. Soros, we can highlight our favorite Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation. Earlier, CyberBerkut have already exposed his connection with Anton Gerashchenko. Now we’ve disclosed the sponsor.

The document also says that for distribution of different ideas they use not only social networks like Facebook or Livejournal, but also discussion portals and the liberal media such as "Echo of Moscow" radio station, "RBK" news agency and "Vedomosti" newspaper.

Platforms for "social mobilization" will be developed not only on the Internet, but also offline. One of the most successful project which combines both information resource and forum for discussion is GRANI public organization which is based in Perm.

The full text of "Russia Project Strategy toward 2014-2017" you can find here (open file).

Russian "foreign agents" law caused deep concern in OSF (and its grantees) and posed a threat to a work scheme. That’s why the head of "Project Russia" asked the collaborating NGOs whether they intend to go to status of a foreign agent and how to deal with their financial support. We’ve obtained this document which includes Memorial, Moscow Helsinki Group, Anti-Corruption Foundation, For Human Rights, Committee against Tortures and others. The full text you can find here (open file).

Besides we’ve obtained one another curious document of OSF which exposes the specific amounts of money transferred to its grantees in 2008-2013. The paper features well-known organizations such as AGORA (100 thousand dollars), Committee against Tortures (200 thousand dollars), Freedom of Information Foundation (240 thousand dollars), Anti-Corruption Foundation (240 thousand dollars), JURIX (300 thousand dollars), Memorial (230 thousand dollars), MHG (50 thousand dollars) and others. The full text of the summary table of OSF distribution you can find here (open file).

There’s no doubt that our information will seriously damage so-called third sector which George Soros desires to take under control not only in Russia but in all ex-Soviet states. The confidential visit of US financial tycoon to Ukraine shows that our country has become the springboard of his expansion into neighboring countries. At the same time, the Ukrainians obviously destined as silent slaves of overseas puppeteer.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

12.11.2015 г.                   CyberBerkut reveals the details of George Soros's visit in Ukraine

CyberBerkut is still positioned in the confidential networks of the Ukraine's presidential administration. While American billionaire George Soros visits Kyiv, we want to acquaint you with a number of confidential documents relating his trip to Ukraine.

The arrival of the tycoon as usual has not been advertised, all the more the public at large has not been informed of reasons why he comes to our country. Let us recall that exactly one year ago, George Soros published a long editorial article "Wake Up Europe" in which he outlined his vision of the further development of Ukraine. He literally called Naftogaz a black hole in the Ukrainian budget and urged to carry out radical reform of energy and utilities at the shortest.

As you can see, almost double growth in tariffs for utilities to population is the one and only thing that authorities Kyiv had put into practice within implementation of the mentioned reforms.

Soros, no matter how he calls himself, is used to be an American businessman, therefore he considers Ukraine (or rather its gas pipeline network) to be a large project or business assets. Ukrainians are accordingly supposed to be tooling for him.

On the eve of his visit to Ukraine, Soros wrote a letter to Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (dated 19 September), in which he acknowledged the achievements of the Cabinet in the domain of the debt restructuring and he also expressed his concerns over the growing discontent of the population regarding increase of tariffs. Moreover the situation with Ukrainian Eurobonds remains truly complicated: Bloomberg reports that Russia plans to block any IMF's fresh loans to Kiev due to the outstanding balance of the Eurobonds sizing USD 3 billion.

George Soros perfectly realizes that the Ukrainian people received oversized bills for central heating in November in addition to fatigue of the subsidies providing system.

And so he wrote to Mr. Yatsenyuk about two scenarios for coming November and December: either people stop paying their gas bills that will result in monthly debt of 1.5 billion UAH, or people take to the streets with the slogans of the populist parties and imperil the future of the Ukraine's energy industry, and Yatsenyuk's power as well. The latter is determined as pessimistic and is actually a warning of a new Maidan possibility.

In this context Mr. Soros offers to Mr. Yatsenyuk two options to avoid such consequences. The first presumes granting of loans to citizens who apply for a grant-in-aid. Here the billionaire really doesn't care that the majority of the population in Ukraine hardly makes both ends meet, and that means that they just will not be able to pay the debts in the nearest future.

The second option supposes transferring of a fixed amount to accounts of the households giving no grants. However, such one-time payout will never cover all the winter bills. As a matter of fact, Mr. Soros proposes to put people in a stalemate position: either they take a loan/one-timer, or they pay the entire amount.

In a reply dated 8 October Mr. Yatsenyuk thanked the businessman for his assistance and identified three key directions requiring the involvement of George Soros, namely completion of the gas reform, energy efficiency and foreign investments development as well. Thus, our Prime Minister recognizes a total financial dependence upon Western creditors.

Judging the schedule of visit to Kiev, which is in our disposal, George Soros has a quite intense agenda. He destined to a few encounters with Ukrainian establishment member each and every day, most of them representing finances and energy.

First and foremost Mr. Soros is due to meet President Petro Poroshenko. As we know the fate of Naftogaz is a key component of their conversation.

From the document, intended for Mr. Soros, it is clear that he is supposed to praise Poroshenko for his efforts to carry out reforms, to discuss the economic situation, the Minsk agreements and the local elections.

Then in accordance with the agenda there are meetings with PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Minister of Finance Natalie Jaresko, US Ambassador to Ukraine, top-managers of The National Bank and Eugenie Bystritski of IRF (the subsidiary of Soros' OSF). These meetings are not unveiled by mass media.

It's worth mentioning that the American tycoon was due to meet not just random persons, also referred to as "creators of the new Ukrainian democracy", but the spokespersons of the Soros-controlled institutions, participating in the ongoing reforms the West is interested in. Due to these changes the USA are to merge the energy and finances branches of Ukraine.

Moreover Mr. Soros is scheduled to meet the Minister of Finance Natalie Jaresko on November 9. Deputy Head of The National Bank of Ukraine and the curator of the banking system reform Vladislav Rashkovan attended this meeting too. Also he seems to become a supervisor of low-income housing credit program proposed by Mr. Soros and discussed with PM Yatsenyuk in written form.

The fact that the CEO of Dragon Capital Tomas Fiala will attend Mr. Soros' meetings with Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk attracts a special attention. Dragon Capital is the largest investment bank of Ukraine to accumulate foreign investments.

Mr. Soros also favors Ukrainian oligarchs Victor Pinchuk, Rinat Akhmetov and Sergiy Taruta.

The agenda of the mentioned American businessman also included encounters with the following experts, members of Parliament's Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Security Committee:

- Olga Belkova (member of Petro Poroshenko Block, former head of V. Pinchuk Charity Foundation, close to American elites, Harvard Kennedy School of Government graduate),

H. Clinton and O. Belkova seems to be good acquaintances

- Victoria Voitsytska (member of "Self Reliance" political party, Brandeis International Business School graduate),

- Alex Ryabchyn (member of "Batkivschyna" political party, graduated from British University of Sussex in 2013, part-timer of "The Washington Post"),

- Alexander Rogozin (Energy Association of Ukraine).

An individual dinner is dedicated to Andriy Kobolev and Yuriy Vitrenko of Naftogaz and Georges Massoud of McKinsey & Company. McKinsey & Company is an American-based consulting enterprise which offers services to private businesses, governments and NGOs.

On November 11 Mr. Soros is due to have dinner with Ukrainian MPs Mustafa Nayem (member of Petro Poroshenko Block, famous Ukrainian journalist and current curator of police reform), Natalia Katser-Buchkovska (member of People's Front, accountable for energy reform, London University College graduate), Aliona Shkrum (member of Batkivschyna, studied at Cambridge University, was an intern of Canadian MP Peter Julian) and others.

On November 12 Mr. Soros meets Adrian Karatnycky, Fellow of Atlantic Council and also the manager of Myrmidon Group LLC, American-based company engaged in investments in Ukraine. Articles by Mr. Karatnycky are regularly published on The Foreign Affairs, The Washington Post, The Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Soros is to meet Minister of Agriculture Oleksiy Pavlenko, Minister of Economic Development Aivaras Ambromavicius and his old good friend the current Governor of Odesa oblast Mikheil Saakashvili.

So this is the schedule of allegedly confidential visit of American billionaire George Soros to Ukraine.

The tycoon's business interest of Naftogaz and Ukrainian's gas pipeline network future along with the indifference to destiny of 40 million Ukrainian people is perfectly seen with the naked eye. They cannot pay for natural gas - so let them take credits!

Arseniy Yatsenyuk on behalf of the Ukrainian Government admits total financial dependence upon the West. Meanwhile the historically laid system of cooperation with Russian business and the state sector is destroyed and corruption has risen to unseen scales.

The aim of the West and Mr. Soros is not to take care of the young Ukrainian democracy but to keep pressure on the Kremlin (we've possessed the tycoon's plans for Russia too). Ukraine once again turned into the conflict buffer zone between Russia and the West and the Ukrainian people will suffer well from this situation.

The archives of documents you can download here:


We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

29.10.2015     CyberBerkut hacked web-sites of Anton Gerashchenko

We are CyberBerkut and we continue our presence in the Kiev junta computer networks. After the defeat of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, we declare war on Kiev's main information wars ideologue Anton Gerashchenko.

We've already revealed the Minister of Internal Affairs adviser corruption schemes related to money laundering in the supply of arms from Eastern Europe to the Middle East.

Now it's his media projects turn.

We were able to hack the network infrastructure of Gerashchenko's information resources, including such sites as "Informnapalm," "Mirotvorets," "Operativ.info" and "Burkonyuz." Hacking process detailed technical report added.

The hack of Gerashchenko's resources gave us access to the huge amounts of information, which we continue to analyze. We will gradually acquaint you with the results of the research.

At the moment, we can inform you with intermediate results.

Here is the scheme of relations of the People's Deputy of Ukraine and its electronic projects with such Russian human rights organization as "The Fund of struggle against corruption", "Cargo-200" and "LostIvan".

For obvious reasons we do not reveal our sources. To confirm some of the data we show you the conversation between the "Peacemaker" and the head of the website "Cargo-200" Elena Vasilyeva, who has shamelessly buried some football teams in Ukraine as "Russian occupiers".

Vasilyeva uploads the information about Russian citizens to one of the Gerashchenko's mailboxes "lyst2sbu", which also runs the "Peacemaker" project. As it can be seen from the correspondence, all the data about Russian citizens, goes to the Security Service of Ukraine.

Please note the ease which provides Vasilyeva's betrayal of her co-citizens involved in a humanitarian assistance for the collection of Donbass to the Security Service of Ukraine:

Let us make just a small digression. Dedicated to our "pretty" "Right sector". You were used on the Maidan, and from July 21, 2015 they began to "merge" you slowly, Gerashchenko sais openly in his letter:

But that's not the point.

As we can see from the Vasilyeva's letters, Gerashchenko is actively cooperating with the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defence Intelligence service.

In addition, basing on the data, we found that the Gerashchenko's media resources are integrated into the NATO cyber structures, particularly the "Peacemaker" site is tied to "NATO.int" (see. diagram)

Thus, there is a clear working mechanism centered with Anton Gerashchenko. The customers throughout this tumultuous media activities are the Atlantic Council and the "Soros Foundation". In addition, we see Gerashchenko's contacts with similar projects like the western "Billingcat", whose style is remarkably similar to the "Informnapalm's" work..

Specific performers of all the ideas of the Western countries in Russia are George Alburi of the "Fund of struggle agaist corruption", already mentioned Elena Vasilieva of the "Cargo-200", Ruslan Leviev of the "LostIvan".

That's a short circuit across the "Anatomy of betrayal". Now we can understand the real motives of the anti-Russian propaganda machine, who's mechanisms hit our country at the same. In fact, Ukraine, as such, is an object of concern of a very limited number of persons ...

P.S. All Vasilyeva's correspondence from her "Facebook" can be read here.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!

23.10.2015       Avakov and Gerashchenko cover up to supply weapons from Europe To Middle East

We, CyberBerkut, declare that we have disclosed arms trade corruption schemes, which the Ukrainian authorities are involved in.

This week we've hacked email of the head of Polish arms company "Level 11" Paul Witold Kzhykovsky. The materials we've obtained became the basis of our study and today we are ready to share its results with you.

According to these documents, "Level 11" supplies military products to Ukraine through the state-owned scientific and industrial association "Fort" located in Vinnitsa and integrated in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Police Major General Viktor Pisarenko has been the head of this institution for more than 10 years.

His machinations have repeatedly been the subject of journalist's investigations. However, Mr. Pisarenko survived all the lustrations primarily because of his close personal ties to Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Groisman, whose political careers are inseparably associated with Vinnitsa.

He also made a good team with his new chief – Minister Avakov. To do this he should be a quick-witted general, and if the Minister recommends "Level 11" as a partner, you should agree. First things first.

As we’ve already noted, one of the main Forts' partners is the Polish company "Level 11". Here's the target-user's certificate for the supply of two million rounds for "Luger" and "Makarov" ammunition.

Minister Avakov and his freelance adviser and also Ukrainian People's Deputy Anton Gerashchenko has led this company to the Ukrainian market.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Oleksandr Turchynov has contributed to this.

However, Mr. Kzyukovsky has no direct access to the National Security Council. As we can see from the massage of the Polish "businessman", Anton Gerashchenko lobbied the interests of his company in Ukraine.

In the e-mail conversation of the "Level 11" head we have also found the contract for the supply of 265 pieces of ZU-23-2 23mm twin-barrel anti-aircraft guns for $14 million euro, which allegedly are destined for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine.

It's just an ordinary contract. The question is what is the purpose for such amount of anti-aircraft guns in the structure of the National Guard of Ukraine? Let us leave this question to Ukrainian journalists.

It appears that "Level 11" attracts subcontractors to complete the contracts. In case of "Fort" the subcontractor was "Blessway ltd.", which is registered in Cyprus and run by a certain Vasily Babitsky. Here's the document which unveils the discussion between general Pisarenko and Mr. Babitsky concerning ammunition delivery to Ukraine.

Ukraine is not the only business partner of "Blessway ltd." In one of the weapon supply contracts signed with Saudi Arabia, among other items, we have found 265 pieces (!) of ZU-23-2 23mm twin-barrel anti-aircraft guns. We have already seen this number somewhere, haven't we? Were these weapons sent to Saudi Arabia instead of Ukraine?

One would think – where are the links between "Level 11", "Blessway ltd", Ukrainian MIA, Mr. Avakov and Mr. Gerashchenko?

In fact, everything is simple. Firstly, the director of the company "Blessway ltd." located on Cyprus Vasily Babitsky is a Ukrainian citizen.

Secondly, he is the vice-president of "Level 11" at the same time. According to the data from open Polish databases he is also a co-owner and a shareholder of this company. Now it's clear why Mr. Kzhykovsky has so many documents linked to "Blessway ltd." in his mailbox.

The circle has been closed: Mr. Babitsky and Mr. Kzhykovsky sell weapons to each other at a higher price; Mr. Pisarenko, Mr. Gerashchenko and Mr. Avakov "applies" Western financial aid to reform the power structures and gets cash back from arms dealers.

And no one cares that these weapons are not used by Saudi Arabian armed forces. Terrorists in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan get them. Besides anti-aircraft guns, modern MANPADS and other weapons able to shoot down any military warplanes may appear in other contracts. As a result, the Western masters of Kiev junta unconsciously finance the supply of the arms which will be used against them in The Middle East. And there's no guarantee that American F-16 fighter jet recently shot down was not hit due to Mr. Avakov and Mr. Gerashchenko's "efforts".

P.S. One bird told us that Mr. Babitsky and Mr. Avakov are distant relatives and Mr. Babitsky got acquainted with Mr. Gerashchenko in the 2000's in Kharkov region, where they both struggled for the prosperity of Mr. Avakov. The bird must be mistaken. And undoubtedly this is a coincidence that Mr. Babitsky as well as Mr. Avakov was born in Baku.

We are CyberBerkut! We will not forget! We will not forgive!